New bug when claiming prizes

Well this is a new one. I went to claim Morak and after every single prize claimed, the claim button for that prize disappears, but the prize button for the next one stays greyed. Going back to line screen, the claimed prize has a red dot (as if I can claim it next, but I already did).

I have to go all the way out of event screen to my base, and reload the whole event screen again for it to refresh.

I am NOT doing this to claim 20k sigils worth of prizes…


seems like a classic desync error. :man_shrugging:t2:

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What does that mean? I tried restarting the game, still happened - checked just now and it continues…

Try submit a ticket.
Also, do something in between (changing portrait, etc.)

I change my portrait every time I exit, so that hasn’t helped either… will try a ticket

try this
1.log out
2. complete close out app
4.restart device
5.take off airplane
6.redownload game
7 make sure u got 2.5 gigs free

has been working for alot of things maybe it willl work for you

Too many people have had problems after reinstalling game… not doing that :joy: Tbh I shouldn’t have to, a game should be able to function w/o a reinstall… I will clear cache tho in case anything there is problematic

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lol not i but aye do without steps3 and 6 see if works

Got this response in ticket, not helpful AT ALL.

I’ve changed portrait and restarted game.
I’ve cleared cache
I even checked in Atlas and I can claim several prizes in a row like normal.
This is ONLY happening in main event.
Also there is no way to claim “more slowly” if ONE tap makes the claim prize button completely disappear, and it just doesnt pop up again no matter how long I wait…

Who can look into this? And am I really the only one experiencing this?

"Hello AngryDrache,

Thank you for reaching out to us. I’m sorry for the trouble you’re having with your rewards. A rollback usually occurs when there’s a data mismatch between the player’s game and the data we have on our server, so the game has to be restarted and load the last saved state. Most of the time, sync errors are caused by connection issue, server congestion or any error that affects the game’s ability to save the actions made by the player. This means that the items aren’t really missing as they’re just reverted to their earlier state. 

To prevent this from happening, you can try claiming your prizes a bit slower than usual, like giving 1-2 seconds interval per reward while we’re working on improving our game’s performance. If you have any questions or if you need help with other issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us again."

This happens a bunch. Usually at the start of the events. Took me a solid half hour or so this event to be able to claim a few prizes.

It’s normally the servers giving up. It’s less a bug. More a really irritating feature. Honesty my best suggestion is to leave it a few hours. Maybe restart your phone and give it another go. Doing a large amount of claims in one go can cause it to give up as well

Not justifying this issue. Just explaining how to get past it.

Thanks for the input - I’ll just wait then and see if it works later!

Good luck mate. Hope it gets sorted

I have the same problem :roll_eyes:

Well it’s been several hours and the problem persists. I have tried it on 3 different connections and it’s the same each time. Basically after I click ‘claim ____’ the button completely disappears and NO ‘Claimed’ text appears, so the next prize doesn’t recognize that the previous one has been claimed.

Yes I restarted my phone. No I’m not going to reinstall because I’m certain that shouldn’t be the problem if everything else in the game works just fine…

Mine has started doing it too. I have been exiting the event, going to do something else for a few minutes and then returning to claim the next prize. It takes 2-3 minutes between claims.

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Mine too.

Same issue here.

Having the same issue here.

Same problem here

I’m having the same issue also.