New Change Request: Unlimited Free Passage slots

With the change to formal alliances limited to 5 teams, and then the reduction of Free Passage settings to only 2 that are globally applied across all castles, this is effectively making an alliance of 7 teams, where some allies are more equal than others.

What this does not consider is that with the fluid and variable nature of land, the same group does not hold lands at all the same locations. There are a myriad of neighbours with whom you need to share borders.

Further, with the failure of flying primarchs, in that they cannot fly over lands, but need free passage to at least hit the neutral roads, AND with the removal of the ability to create team portals, there is now an INCREASED demand for free passage or teams without Neutral Road access will become landlocked, and forced to wait on their neighbours releasing them so they can go to no mans land for PVP, or just to transition between their own lands.

The quick and simple fix to this is to allow for unlimited free passage spaces so that my three neighbours in one location, two in another, and two in a third can all be on my free passage list even if not a formal ally.

In reality most teams will need more than 2 whether they hold much land or not, and the higher leagues could use a couple of dozen slot. So why restrict it? If teams want to manage a list of 20 free passages, let them.

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I don’t agree with unlimited passage on a global scale. I’d much rather have passage castle specific like it previously was because you may want to temp grant passage in one area but you really have no idea where you may really be giving them access to.


Either or but the new setup will not work for the vast majority of teams on the map. The easy answer I saw of fighting a path to neutral reflects a lack of understanding of the way most teams have learned to live in atlas.

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The old setup was very labour intensive, but yes, would still be better than what we have currently.

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what if the idea is to kill ppl…

as in its not eden, more like hell :slight_smile:

Yeah Gox I get it, but you shouldn’t have to kill neighbours just to go to the cottage… then do them over to go home again.

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Combat is fine but I thought we were trying to reduce curbstomping of unlucky plat teams that were trying to mind their own business :stuck_out_tongue:

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oh , clarification; im not saying I LIKE it ; I think each team should be able to give passage as per the old system;

Was more of an anarchial rhetoric / statement

So now the solution seems to be that no passages granted. I have tried multiple times to grant passage for a friendly who got stuck and she still shows delayed. Killing is not an option so now what?

It is crazy that free passage can only be granted BEFORE a player gets stuck. And even crazier that they cannot reset their path so when released they can move away even if offline.
The combination of these two factors has caused a lot of slowdown of gameplay for many players.


Just like to bump this because passage was an issue in the land wars.
Players were still stuck after switching free passage, and when players are stuck it’s not just them who suffers but the rest of us who can’t move gold or troops.
Please keep this on the “review and fix” pile.

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