New Changes to XP Earned from Battles - Official Discussion Thread

You can read about the changes in the post here. Comment to discuss the post here.


Should make it easier to level up dragons at least, so that’s something I’m down for.

Very nice! Thank you!

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Any news on reducing xp for green tier wall


This seems like a good QOL change! Thank you!

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This should happen, costs to level up green tier dragons just doesn’t make sense anymore.

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Very Thanks, PG :blush:

This change will help many players…

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A minor improvement, especially considering the major issues that are openly being ignored, but definitely an improvement.

So…that’s something, I guess.

…I know, I’m cynical, especially in response to a positive change, but lately, I have reason to be.


Thanks a ton PG :call_me_hand:, hope you guys get more amazing ideas like this one in the future :hugs:

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Edit: I updated thoughts in a later post.

Horrible, absolutely horrible.

  1. Players without Atlas have forever used XP bases of main game and helpers to get max XP. Main example is Beannie or Xp-Beannie whom can be achieved with Ember till around 60% I think with Xp-Beannie and 40% vs Beannie. Lower lvls mearly needed a few % for max XP and allowed for good XP amounts.

  2. New change makes Beannie 0% regardless when using Ember as you can maybe hit 50%+ but only if you hit the rss hut. Still that’s the start of XP gain not max gain at 100% I assume? This is complete trash for players without Atlas.

  3. I suggest reworking your OfficialXPfarms bases to allow better xp rewards for higher lvls than Xp-Beannie can give and reverting the way xp is gained back.

This is wrong :point_down: @RamenWithSoup @PGGalileo


This is good news thank you. I barely ran normal bases except for food/wood/missions as it was unrewarding. This gives another reason to do so now. Plus it’s great news for non-atlas players who have no invader bases :slightly_smiling_face:

They said xp now starts being earned at 50% instead of 5% so I guess this affects all xp bases now yes.

Ya, which absolutely demolishes anything players without Atlas have been doing for XP for years. They say it helps, but it does the exact opposite.

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Good news! You don’t need an XP base now. Just attack someone the same level as you and get max XP. :partying_face:

I’m so happy I don’t have to attack the same base over and over again!


Or you can hit bases at or above your tier… no xp farms needed

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With a :baby: lvl 1 dragon? Sure

With Ember backer so you don’t have to use heals on multiple XP runs when helping teammates? Ya right.

O so have a 300+ helper following a 50 vs a 75 instead of an XP base like XP-Beannie? That’s just wrong, 300+ should never hit that low.

Can you beat level 1 towers? If so, grab a follower with ember and check this guy out.


It seems like you didn’t even try to consider how this might benefit you and immediately rejected the change simply because it’s a change.


This is even better than going through the trouble of invaders for baby dragons

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