New Changes to XP Earned from Battles

Hello Dragon Lords!

Today we’d like to talk to you about a small, but exciting quality of life change to the way Dragons earn XP from battle. We hope these changes will allow many of you to get to Breedable/Expert faster than you could before. Up until now, the rules for earning XP from battle have been complex and XP earned can vary wildly from base to base. Players are able to earn an additional supplement of XP through Atlas, but that limited the extra XP to those with access to Atlas. With this change to XP we hope to be able to provide an extra boost of XP for everyone. Atlas has typically been the most efficient way to earn XP due to the way tower layouts work in Atlas invader bases and this created an unequal playing field between players who do and don’t have Atlas access.

With our latest update, Dragon XP earned from battles has changed in the following ways:

  • Hitting a base of the same or higher level in any mode will earn you the maximum amount of possible Dragon XP
  • Hitting a base of a lower level than your Player Level will result in an XP penalty that progressively increases the bigger the level difference
  • Dragons begin earning XP after 50% destruction has been achieved (up from 5%)
  • Dragon XP earned from battle has been increased by +25%

We will continue to monitor XP earn rate after this change and will adjust if any more changes are necessary.

Thank you and feel free to ask any questions.



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