New chat! Message in game if you wanna join

Hey so I made an in game chat message me if you want to join re creation of the old one sorry I disbanded that one

What’s the subject / purpose of said in-game chat?


So that’s what happened?

F-U-N :joy: fun

What’s its objective…… bahahhahaha or is it like our map and has no objective?
Fun requires an objective :rofl:

The objective is to keep iterating creation of new chat until the one Supreme chat can be born … and then disband that too :laughing:

So exactly like our map :rofl:


Malik no politics are involved in a chat unless it’s sapphire and Diamond players well Diamond players nope so I might just throw myself under that bus of I’m unknowledgeable.

Never thought of it like that

He isn’t even talking about politics. And there can be plenty of politics involved in plat as well if teams care to be involved, just like sapph and diamond players are actually capable of ignoring politics in a chat. Smh.


Why did you disband the original chat :woman_shrugging:t3:

Its the same people on forums who would join :laughing: or are you filtering out the less persistent ones?

I like friends