New Cheater Discovered

For the hundredth time, this is a playback glitch, not a hack or a cheat :man_facepalming:t3:


Thats just server de sync, not cheating. It’s funny when you see Skarr do it use spell flux it says “out of range” and starts dealing damage on the next island.

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I guess we will see :kissing_heart:

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Really should go easy tossing around the “cheater” label and screenshots of players. It’s fine to ask if what you see is questionable but we should limit the labeling to PG after they rule on a particular issue.


Do you mind if I READ an LOOK so May be so JUST maybe do it or at least try I’m trying to learn don’t u like learning that’s all THANK u your

…what is this?

How about the mods just nuke every thread alleging cheating?

Submit a damn support ticket. Keep this dribble off the forums.

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Wut? :frowning::thinking::man_shrugging:t3:You’re more than welcome to read…

Please submit tickets for these kind of situations. The people who can take actions on players who are actually cheating in the game can do their job far more easily when the evidence is presented in a support environment instead of a forum. Thanks!