New chest base - level 352


Not sure how long it will last. I have decided to step away from WD and I’m not sure if I’ll login to keep it active. Free food and lumber for the first 2 customers. :wink:


Well who gonna get it I just need to fill up quest mission


I would love some lumber & food :blush:. Why are you leaving? If u don’t mind me asking.


What reason isn’t there to leave at this point?


Lol I guess so :thinking:


Nice pathox though


Your home island insta kills ember as rounds the turn. Put ice both ices in the very back of the island and then swap df and blue and put farms in front.

Or spread farms out through the base :man_shrugging:t3:


Perch gave me a nasty surprise when I wasn’t paying attention the first run​:rofl::joy::sob::sob::sob:


I removed the perch dragon but it lowered the defense a lot, so I put a farm on the island. I tested with Ember and was able to take out the perch before dying.

I made some other changes as well and flew with ember.I wasn’t able to beat it but was able to get all the monuments.

I’ve been getting hit over and over by a couple people and they just take out the first monument, quit and do it again. Not sure if that is more efficient than trying to take out the entire base or not but they are certainly getting a lot of hits in.


It’s ok. Just didn’t realize it was there the first run but my ember has cloak so I didn’t die second run :rofl:.

On a serious note, we are gonna miss you in alliance chat :sob::sob::sob:


I will miss everyone for sure. It’s definitely gonna be an adjustment. I’ve spent a lot of time playing over the last couple years. Not sure what I’ll do with all that free time.


Lurk on the forums… :eyes:


Can you put six level 1 lightning towers at the tip of your base? :pray:t3:


I’ve timed different length chest runs (stopping at x monument)
breaking it down by monuments per second the fastest I’ve come up with is killing the first 4.

left at start (the one at the end of long middle)
right mon
right mon
then left (shooting the one at the first short island without rounding the corner)
thats gets you 4 monuments, takes me about ~45 seconds. Thats base screen to base screen.
This is ~7.35% more monuments per unit of time than going through and getting the monument at the back of short short island.


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