New Chest Base lvl 236 100% with Ember

Hey everyone, I am going to be taking a break the from the game for a while and have set my base up as a chest base. Trying to set it up with the highest defense power I can while also allowing anyone to take it 100% with ember so go ahead and bookmark and me and give me some feedback on placements. Enjoy!


HAHA Red Magier Level 45 and Glut / Ember ?

How do you expect our best friend, ember to defeat your base with a red mage? Perhaps change to a blue mage instead?

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If it’s a chest base would be ok with a red mage, it let you do the chests while failing at defeat the base, which will maintain it alive. I think is ok, I just did a fly

But the title states that 100% with ember :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

#falseadvertising ? :joy:


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