New Content or Hack?

Can anyone tell me how it is possible to kill the waterdragon island as long as you are on the middle island or kill the long island near the base while you are at the waterdragon isle? :joy:
Seriously that isnt fun anymore
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Visual glitch? :man_shrugging:

It’s hard to say without seeing the full replay, but for sure there’s a bug where the spell VFX from the previous round get stuck on the screen during the following rounds.

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Possibly a replay visual glitch… a teammate showed me a similar one, but when we watched the dragon turn to the new island, the dragon still spent time trying to destroy the tower we couldn’t see… that said given the cheat in another thread where a dragon blew up all towers on all islands with one spell… this could be similar. Can you share the full video?

For sure it wasnt. The towers where we was located at did damage to his dragon.

can you check my Support ticket. Or check the Replay from Luxanne’s acc. She was attacked and i defended.

Sorry demon. It was a active defence. I was to slow to record it

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