New content vs fixing ALL bugs and glitches



being new on the forums (i was never able to post on the old version), i might seem a bit naive to some folks here, and it’s possible that this question has been brought up in the past…

with the new forums up and running and everyone being able to log in with their pocket id and participate, how about running a poll with all players to see what they actually prefer?

new content each season with new dragon tiers and stuff like atlas, riders and whatnot. or actually spend all your manpower to fix ALL major bugs that has been plaguing the game for months if not years?

oh right… you don’t really care about what the majority wants, unless its the whales in top25 or something that will keep people spending hard cash :roll_eyes:


I don’t know how to respond without getting banned.

Without going into your uninformed jab at other players (know that PG cares then far less than YOU think PG cares about them) the simple fact is there’s no money in bug fixes. Especially at the cost of sacrificing all new content. What’ the weather like in utopia these days?

Aside from that bug fixing and new content development are usually different departments so a little here and there is the best we can hope for. I honestly don’t count on it much these days. Because, well, I’ve met PG, and I know they value profits over customer service. And that’s their right. When players finally have had enough, they move on in their own time.


oh don’t get me wrong, i have nothing against spenders, i am one myself, in fact i would happily spend money on a game i enjoy playing. i haven’t spent a dime since 3.60 went live, god knows i wanted to. but the game just isn’t worth it until they fix all the major bugs. and i know for sure i’m not the only one feeling this. i guess most are just too afraid to get banned for speaking out, while i reached a point where i no longer care if i do


I want new content. I’ve been playing over two years. This shit is stale. There is always gonna be bugs. There will always be a lot of bugs for Android because android is a piece of shit. iOS is relatively stable. I don’t know too many pieces of software or games or stuff that don’t have bugs for some people.

My game is bug free. Most of my team is bug free. As such, I’m guessing much of the player base is more or less bug free. So onward we go!


For crying out loud. Before spitting complaints please know what you’re talking about. The teams that work on ‘new content’ are not the teams that fix bugs and glitches. Totally different sides of the spectrum.


its not about the people who work on specific aspects of the game its about the resources the company is directing to each specific task


Interesting. Was going to write similar post :slight_smile:
As for me, I would prefer that developers will sit at some point and will fix the most annoying cr@p. I don’t think it will take more than 2-4 weeks. It just needs to be done at some point. On a regular basis.


XxRaGiNgxX is correct that there are different teams working on bug fixes and new content. That being said, the bug fixes are being addressed, but they do take time for the team to deal with. Some bugs are unfortunately more complicated than just a simple fix.


then tell the bug fixing team to do their jobs better. the negative resources from a year ago are still in the game and so much more bugs are still in the game.

but dont tell me some bugs are difficult, when it comes to bugs that are making you lose income they can fix it in 10 to 30 minutes. so dont say that kind of excuse heard it before.


So, inspite of the OP here, this could be a good thread. I recall reading on old forums that a lot of issues with fixing the code surrounding security was due to the original source code that the game is currently built on.

The problem, as I see it, is the base code was not meant to support the game as it is now (a PG employee stated as much). Logically, with every addition to the code, it makes it that much harder to fix. And since features, etc. are being added faster than patches, it’s an uphill battle.

What I would do, personally, is overhaul the code. Push the majority of the code to the server side (it shouldn’t rely so heavily on the device/sw). Yes, once you’re ready, you will need to bring down the game long enough to swap it over, but I’m betting most people wont mind scheduled maintenance followed by some free sparkly stuff.

Also, I have never played a game , or used any software, where they ran a live BETA. Has anyone considered that having multiple versions of the game interacting with eachother on the server AND user end would cause sync issues and random bugs? We know that if people have different app versions it stops you from joining battles, causes latency, and s host of other oddities. So, why would we not then surmise that forcing the code to run together would cause issues?

Honestly the BETA should be run on a test server. Just allow anyone who wants to check out BETA code use the BETA version. Clone their account over at first login. Make login an acceptance of whatever NDA you may have. This has the added benefit of not releasing features to select players early, which they will retain, thus pushing them comsiderably ahead of the rest of the customer base (which will help aleviate a lot of this “They only care anout the top League” stuff)

Also, noones game is “bug free” it’s technically impossible as some of the bugs occur on the server-side, and therefore have nothing to do with device, etc. Just because it’s not “game ruinjng” doesn’t mean it’s not a bug :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, just my 2Cents. I’ll fully admit I’m not a high tier developer, but this seams somewhat basic.


Great thoughts but PG is far too invested and so are the beta players. They have spent real money they should keep their stuff and their advantage. I am not a beta player by the way.


Oh, I absolutely understand that. And I agree it’s a bit late to roll back the clock now. But moving forward this should be a considerstion.

The way the “BETA” is being rolled out is going to cause more and more issues, as well IMO. If the code is ready to be rolled out, roll it out to everyone, not just select leagues. If it’s not ready to roll out, keep the current BETA participants as is or open it up to lower leagues as well.

This is the type of stuff that cause people to feel like PG only cares about top players or “whales”. But really they don’t realize that all you have to do to become a diamond player is join a diamond team. Doesn’t matter your strength, skill, or bank account.

To be honest, I would probably be classified as a “whale” by 98% of the community. I’m in Platinum and I’m only there because a friend pulled me up from the Gold team I was hanging out with.

But I digress, this is moving more into the “Customer Satisfaction” side of things instead of focusing on the "bug”/”glitch”/etc. aspect.


I understand what you are saying. But I also understand why PG is doing this small role out. I am not sure how confident they are in the servers capability to withstand this new load. So they role out from the top teams and down because the leagues are structured in small manageable groups. They can monitor load and keep a handle on things far better this way.


You kind of hit the nail on the head, but that kind of makes my point. If there is concern that the servers wont hold up when the new comtent is rolled out, ot should be clnsidered as not being ready to go Live. And it is live right now.

Just because you or I do not have access to those parts of the game, does not mean are app isn’t talking to the same code as they are. It’s simply a matter of our accounts having features cut off on the server-side, or not accessible to the right databases, or server ( all depends on how it’s being coded and hosted ).

Long story short, it’s already out there. With a few mouse clicks (exageration perhaps) you could restart your game and have all the BETA stuff and more. If the server(s) can’t handle it, it shouldn’t be there, except it is.

I’m still less concerned about server load (I used to work in Amazon Data Center, adding 5 racks at last minute because engineers anticipated need to handle more traffic). It’s the different versions of code smashed together that bothers me.

If the base source code was strong, i would be less concerned. But it just seems like this method is setting up issues that can be avoided.


I think we agree. I have just given up hope and you remain hopeful :+1:


Congratulations! I am glad you have a smooth playing experience.

But stating that “there will always be a lot of bugs for android” and your opinion on why is uncalled for. Quite honestly, feel free to look up statistics. Android is actually the more popular platform therefore it can only be assumed (and we know what that does) that a larger portion of the player community is also on Android. That being said, it is PGs RESPONSIBILITY to provide a functional app for all of us. Bugs are one thing, total lack of being able to play is different. And those of us that DO have continued issues and report them, most of the time it IS effecting large numbers of the players, hence why it gets put on the “known issues” lists.

THAT all being said…I agree with a lot of the comments below regarding PGs concern about their sever being stable when BETA is fully released as it IS LIVE… Just, we don’t all get the same advantages.

I also see no reason to add “customizing your base” options. All I see is another way for PG to earn money, decrease the current value of in game currency and add bugs.


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