New defensive item: unfreeze tower

We have hammers, shields, and swords to defend bases. It would be nice to have an item that will unfreeze a tower. This would solve the issue of having OP dragons that are impossible to defend against and would give the defender a better chance of obtaining a victory.

Not a big fan

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Don’t think I would be onboard with this idea

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I actually kind of like the idea of having more possible interactions as a defender besides supershots and hammer spam, but I do think more specific combat consumables could quickly get out of control with quite specific ones like an unfreeze, so I don’t think that that’s the best way to go for this.

Also this specific ability of unfreezing does seem like something that would be hard to balance, would affect some dragons (relying on freeze) a lot more than others (relying on cloak/evasion/shield).


:thinking:A dropped consumable that has a delayed start and a limited duration that would cancel freeze and cloak abilities but would be very hard to time well and evasion based spells that alter a dragons flight speed could be used to counter it :face_with_monocle:hmmmm just brainstorming

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Which OP dragons freeze towers? Generally it is sorcerers and warriors that freeze while hunters and invokers usually disable or nuke towers while blocking or dodging damage
The only 2 that come to mind are Cal which has a freeze but is more about his cloak and Namaka who is pretty old

Honestly seems unessissary, bases tend to be more OP than dragons are unless you’re a very good flyer

Not necessarily just freeze literally. Freeze, sand, lockdown etc. Any tower-disabling spell. Figured it would be nice to enable one tower instead of just watching while the follow-up dragon strolls the base. If Ikaros, for example, disables all the towers on a base, you can re-enable one tower to help fend off the attacker.

I like it.,. As long as it didn’t cover all 5 towers of an island

true… maybe only a 1 tower radius :rofl:

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It will kill literally every dragon
Like hauheset basically will be screw if the blue is unsand
The freeze from lockjaw/ garnath / lupin which use to lockdown target tower will kill it
And disable a base is a skill it a reward for practice so no
It will screw up the game skill balanced between base and dragon which is a pretty fine line already

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This assumes that exists… or balance of any kind really.

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Ok I like the concept to some degree, but a pretty major issue I see is balance involving dragon spells.

Not every dragon has freeze-type spells and this would be a hefty advantage for them. That would force balance changes either to make all future dragons have freeze spell which would become monotonous, or to make dragons that rely on freeze spells have generally better spellkits to compensate (in which case those dragons would just be insanely over powered when there’s not a defender to spam unfreezes

Hmm. As much as I’d like to see more variety to defender options, so it’s not “sword, shield, spam hammers,” I think people have made some good points.

I think an unfreezing option would be good - every ability should have a good counter, after all - but maybe it should be tower- or supershot-based.

I know, I know, towers are expensive, and we have limited space on islands, but I think that’s what makes it a more reasonable option; you’re making a big tradeoff in order to gain some defense/counter against dragons with freeze/disable spells. Against dragons that don’t have those spells (or dragons that do, but can take out the tower), you’re weakening yourself.

Honestly I don’t like this idea. It would seriously unbalance the game, and the mechanics of many dragons.

I don’t like this idea at all, a lot of dragons depend on abilities like that to survive, offering a consumable or tower that gets rid of that ability would make those dragons worthless.

Hau 2.0, Lockjaw, Sepulla, Ikaros are a few recent examples of dragons that would become worthless if you get rid of their main skill. While the balance isn’t perfect currently, it’s still pretty good how it is and tipping things for defenders would be a nightmare when attacking double defended bases.

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