New Defensive Rider Specialists - Make Lightning Towers Great Again (and other old towers)


Can we get some new defensive rider specialists that boosts old legacy towers such as lightning, cannon, etc??

I know we have the Defender rider that boosts all old legacy towers a little bit… but what would be awesome would be a rider that really only boosts 1 or 2 types of towers a lot. If you did this I think everyone would go bonkers over it. This would be a great way to make the old legacy towers relevant again.

Like a +50% buff if maxed for Lightning towers + Cannons would be pretty cool.

We could have another defensive specialist for +50% buff on ballistas and archers, etc…

If we had multiple specialists to pick from it would be super cool and help make old towers relevant again.

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i vote for 100% buff :smiley:

let it rain

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In before someone says something about a rider that buffs ballistae.


lol I think it would be pretty cool if there was a +50% ballista damage and +100% ballista poison duration or something… the idea is just to make old towers relevant again so there would have to scale the weaker towers up a lot accordingly.


Can they fix the current runes for these first?


Come on guys give them some time…they are already bringing lot of changes to the game plus they have to work on new season every 3 months…


if they had offered no p2w options, none of it, then i would have agreed with you 100%. xD


First they would need to be fixed. Poison does NOT deal any damage and dont make me laugh on weakening/ enervating

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I have always loved the SS of Treb.
I would like a great buff for it. Sometime like +50% Speed Attack and Projectile Speed

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