New design during the attacks

I hope that I am not the one and only hobbledehoy who presses with his fat fingers the swap button during the flight :see_no_evil::sweat_smile:
My idea would therefore be to push the indication of the flames and destroyed percentages of the base into the middle and make them transparent:

while the swap button moves to the vacated position:

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There has been a lot of discussion about the placement of the swap button, and there’s really not a better option. Your idea would put the destruction percentage right over the upcoming towers for example, certainly not an improvement. And putting the swap button close to the spells would likely increase accidental swaps, not decrease it.


Typing swap button in the forum search bar yielded the following… you could probably do the same and find some comprehensive reasons why it really can’t be anywhere else.


No thanks.


While she was still on the forums @TheRedDelilah practically wrote a dissertation on why the swap button must be where it is. None of those reasons for why it must be where it is have changed.


FYI, you can hide it if you wish. Moving it will mess other players.


If transparency is set high enough, it will not make much difference.

I think the space up in the corner where the flames usually stand is sufficient for the swap button.

I know that you can disable the swap button. However, in my view, this is sometimes hindering and aggravating in PvP events, when support is needed for an attack, or in XP flights or wars, since the dragon has to be shot down, which increases the risk of being hit by magician towers and thus takes the backup as well, which in turn reduces the probability of a successful attack.

I disagree. I don’t want the swap button anywhere near my spells.


I agree. It’s not like it’s possible for something to go wrong in a PVP run if you accidentally click too high… or worse, during a war run :scream: /s

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And yeah, definitely have ZERO desire to have swap anywhere near my spells. Which only leaves the opposite side of the screen. It’s as good as it is going to get where it’s at now. If you “fat finger” it where it is now, you’ll likely do it no matter where they put it. That and the majority of players are already used to it where it is now…


Putting the swap button there will make hitting island 5 way harder than previously…

But then the possibility of reversing the buttons has been superfluous, because you have got used to it.

The bar with the spells is placed down accordingly and above only the passive abilities that you do not have to tap.

I’m already use to where it is now after 4+ years. Don’t want to spend more learning something else for 0 reason.

On my iPad, the spells (if you have an equip line inner fire) take up the whole space allotted. And not all dragons have passive abilities (resists, true passives).

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Passive abilities are the same as resistances, you can not click on them.

If you set the bar down with the spells, there would still be enough room.
And on my iPhone there is plenty of room in the spells, even with four spells and when inner fire is equipped with.

I’m aware. I’m saying not all dragons have a type of passive ability.

iPhones and iPads have different spacing available. iPhones have more. This means your suggestion would be far too close to my spells.

No one will be happy until we get custom swap spots. Until that day, can we please just leave it alone?


If this were a different game or we were creating it from scratch, I’d wish for a totally different attack UI.
Useful info could be gathered in fewer places instead of scattered to all different corners and edges of the screen. Spells, defensive actions, and red mages might not make towers difficult to see or distinguish, and distinctive art for different tower levels wouldn’t stop at level 20. Some buttons might be replaced by gestures. Some of those might be bad ideas; there’s no question it’s a pretty different game.

It’s not trivial moving stuff like this around, especially when trying to accommodate a world of different device layouts.


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