New divine runes stacking

All over the forum I see people complaining about ‘Getting 3 runes when a dragon only has slots for 2’. But why does that matter when the same runes don’t stack? Or am I dumb?

Their values differ so they stack

  • Two Runes with the same modifiers but different values can stack i.e. two Rage runes of different tiers will both add rage generation.
  • Runes of the same class AND tier do not stack i.e. two identical Legendary Rage runes will not stack.
  • Two runes with the same primary stat but different secondaries will stack (assuming the game allows you to equip both).
  • Runes and Glyphs do not exclude each other i.e. an Epic Rage Rune and an Epic Rage Glyph will both give rage generation.

rejunivate glyph, that’s all I have or get, blah

Hi ET,

Point #2: The game will not allow you to equip identical (same rune, class, tier, secondary) so this should not be an issue should it?
Point #3: The game does allow you to equip the same class and tier as long as the secondary abilities are not the same.

Is there case scenarios when these have been identified? Because AFAIK if the game lets you equip it, it stacks these days

Follow up question about the new runes. Ex. can “rune of pride” be used on any dragon, or only Leos?

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@mechengg here should not be any scenarios where those restrictions would not apply, but I wrote them that way to be as specific as possible.

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@PGEggToken why answer this fairly easy question that any other forum member could have answered but ignore the other threads where numerous players ask the admins why they put 3 runes into the season branches when you can only equip 2 and why you can’t change them into glyphs?


Because he doesn’t have that answer so he wouldn’t risk saying something that would be proven wrong and make people rant and complain they are given false information, and he’s probably overwhelmed by the amount of work on his shoulders since Jared is not working full time on the forum this month? Just an example of what could be the reason why he’s not answering.

Somehow I feel the PG employees all need a break… I can’t imagine how it’s like to give information in a forum, it’s time consuming, everyone is expecting you to answer them now now now… The only comparison I come with is a mother with hundreds of children all wanting different things at the same time and requesting mommy’s attention at all time… (:flushed: Mothers are really superheroines…) But PG employees are doing their best to provide information when they can. Their communication is not perfect but nothing is. We should all be patient and wait for replies when they come. And show a little understanding.

MareZ I just meant to say that it is not a personal remark, just a general observation of the forum and a bit of empathy for PG employees. I’m dying to know the answers to those questions as well. But I know we can do only so many things in a day’s work, there’s never enough time for everything unfortunately…


MommaEggToken :rofl: great analogy!

Edit: For three runes, it was so that people could use it sooner & accommodating lower levels/those who couldn’t get further into the branch. It’s in the twitch stream somewhere :smiley: (not that I wouldn’t like to see more glyphs myself!)

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…but they didn’t, so I took some time to do so.

Last I checked, runes from the seasons prizes aren’t locked to just the seasonal dragons. To be honest, I don’t know why it was 3 and not 2 or 4. Glyphs are definitely more scarce, and I know this is something that PGCoffee has on his mind when thinking about the rune changes coming next year.


So Equestor 3rd rune only good if you have Borg, Avyx 3rd rune only good if you have who?

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Talon Frenzy is a new spin on Havoc that’s only on Avyx right now.

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That’s my point lol (was a reply to EggToken “Last I checked, runes from the seasons prizes aren’t locked to just the seasonal dragons.” comment)

It doesn’t mean that it won’t show up later, though :smiley:

  • Phasmos Ice Shock -> Fae Ice Shock
  • Tengu Chaos -> Fae Chaos
  • Abraxxas spin on Superheated Breath -> Zamrok Superheated Breath
  • etc.

The forum randomly doesn’t show reply to/didn’t update yet :see_no_evil:

Edit: typo :rofl:


Still seems dumb to me when one (or 2 or 3) could just be made a glyph instead of making people hang on to one in hopes of a future dragon having a spell :man_shrugging:


So as @CheekyGrinch and @forScience already pointed out, this is not true in most cases.

Maybe we have more luck with whatever PGCoffee has in mind… back to waiting and wishing for the new year :man_shrugging:

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It IS true in all cases. Only in a few cases (like Avyx) is there currently no other dragon that has the specific spell the rune works on.

Nitpicking a bit but that is contradiction a few words apart :slight_smile:

We can see 3 dragon lines, 1 is exclusive to the dragon, and 1 is only useful on 1 other dragon in game. One is universal (although I’m told broken :P)

So …

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They are not locked to seasonal dragons. The statement is entirely true, not at all false.

They are not useful on many other dragons but that doesnt change the fact that they are not locked.

There is no contradiction in my 2 separate statements that you cut off halfway through. EggTokens statement is true in all cases as I showed above.

The 2nd statement I made was in regards to dragons with a specific spell. Some of the runes have no other dragon that they currently work on yet they remain unlocked as per statement 1. :grin::blush:

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