New divine runes stacking


Grammar Nazis are here! Cover me, I’m going in! :bomb: :hear_no_evil: :boom:

@FlashingRed On a serious note:
Yes, I agree they are not locked. What I meant was that they are useless on most other dragons (sorry for the confusing wording).

Talon Frenzy is unique.
Thunderbolt only works on one other dragon which is Borgian, a divine which is not achievable anymore (and which I personally don’t have).


Haha touche :stuck_out_tongue:


Equestor looks awful plus Borg and Avyx are probably better off with HM runes… so id say all are just dust anways. :slight_smile:


so equestors with the 2 runes would the thunderbolt bounce 2 extra times and the rage generations would stack? or only 1 extra bounce and the rage generations stack? thanks.


How is talon frenzy universal? @MareZ


They would stack.


@PGEggToken why did you guys take away the season rune dust reward. You still want us to pay full sigil price for dust and runes but you took away our ability to level up them up? What was behind this decision? Do you think the players who aren’t new wouldn’t notice? Is this so we will have to pay for runic chests? I’m curious as to why you guys keep taking things away from the players.


@ShadowsOfBirds I meant to say unique, sorry :see_no_evil:

@Piofire because some players were stupid (excuse the language) and kept crying about having too much rune dust and wanting other more useful items. Most players don‘t know what they are asking for and now we will face a rune dust starvation :man_facepalming:t3:


what do you mean? you can’t level up any of the new runes in the divine trees?


The season branches don’t offer nearly enough rune dust to max out the runes that are offered in the various season branches. So instead of breaking even, you’d have a rune dust deficit if you wanted to max the runes out.


ohh ok. i hadn’t even looked at that. damn thats lame. what is up with this season. i hope all the following are lowballin it like this season. first the evo stones cost way more than everything around them. then the runes are all the same. damn. now not enough rune dust haha wtf. PG has so many bugs too in the game. for the event that just started yesterday all day yesterday it didn’t work until like 11pm eastern standard time. for some of my teammates in London thats 1am haha.


The rune can be used on any dragon, though they were designed to fit best with their respective Season dragon. In the instance of some Season Dragons, the Seasonal rune improves an ability only that Season Dragon has (No other dragon has Talon Frenzy, for example, so Talon Frenzy Damage Increase wouldn’t be very useful on anyone other than Avyx).


It wouldn’t be very useful or Useless ? Just wanted to get complete clarity.


Thanks for the clarification on the runes @PGEggToken. :grinning::+1:

Would you mind helping us out over in this thread please?
The nerfing of hunters specifically Noctua and the over all seasonal Divine dragon quality

(specifically related to projectile speed of hunters appearing to be slowed since the balance patch)


It would have no effect on a dragon that had Havoc or Chaos.


Simply put unless the new tier has a dragon that has this spell(talon frenzy) you got one useless rune that you can just admire in your rune vault.


To the point…

How about the runes of equestor? (thunderbolts chains)
It stacks?


If talking about the rune of storms ones, they are different rarities so will stack


Thank you


They would stack (Runes of Storms) meaing you would get both the extra rage generations and you would get 2 extra bounces instead of just 1 extra bounce?