New dragon change

Here is an idea, make dragons that can switch from between classes, example, warrior to invoker, with different spell kits for each class, same for the dragons element, switching between different elements, this would definitely add alot of variety and versatility to the game as you could move the dragon around to different riders with different quipment as well, and the idea would be to to setup the dragon before going into battle, once you start the attack, you can’t change the class or element.

Are we playing the same game? They can’t even change the water dragon without breaking the game… this is… definitely not something pg could pull off whatsoever.



I see the appeal of this but also it would remove the strategy of choice for chooses which dragons, riders, and gear to get.


As Jezz said, this is not something they could pull off. Also this would be the same as having to create multiple dragons and spell sets for each dragon design. We’re down to only 2 new legendaries in a season and a significant portion of every season is now recycled content. They’ve been cutting back on the amount of new dragons they have to create so something like this would be a complete 180 which they are not going to do unless they took things back to when we only had 1 mythic in a season


If they managed to do this they’d break their own game as broken as the shrine dragon would be if it were removed like literally it would shoot to the moon and then suddenly black screen.

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