New dragon class for Defense?


It be interesting to see a seasonal dragon designed specifically for your perch. Much like season defensive riders. You don’t fly this dragon. Ever. You gain xp on it based on your base getting attacked. Successful defends give bonus xp. You can equip wisdom runes/glyphs on it. The main purpose of the dragon is to boost health/power of certain towers. And it’s attack is stronger than lineage dragons.


So, warrior isn’t designed only for defense?


Interesting idea (though I’m not entirely sure if I like it or not lol)… training it up to your current perch tier might be a PITA though…



Yea it could be lol. Maybe adjust the xp needed so it doesn’t take a calender year to level it up lol


Why you trying to breed Dragonstriches (dragon ostriches)?


Lol it’s not a breeder. It be a season dragon. Like have its own seperate line so it’s optional


Instead of focusing on my flightless dragon pun you go for “breed” :rofl:


Not gonna lie, I totally missed the pun :joy:


Why not dricken? (Dragon chicken)


I support a chicken themed dragon, or any underappreciated fowl. Have we fully considered the noble turkey and the terrifying goose?

If you released an optimal perch dragon, how would you handle element selection? It would sting to be locked out of the benefits because you invested in different defense gear. PG might welcome the opportunity to sell more gear or shards, though.


Some sort of Hydra beasty might make for a nice defensive dragon.


It’s an interesting idea, but here’s where I see the problem… either it’s too strong, or makes a noticeable difference, and then you have to have one EVERY season otherwise people will complain if they miss it or start after it’s available. OR… it’s not, and no one gets it. Coming up with a way to level it would be interesting and would probably have to be something that PG would have to add in to the programming. (something like Atlas glory, but obviously not tied to atlas since not everyone has that)

It sounds like a lot of work for something that may or may not catch on.


Chicken perch dragon. Boosts tower health by a ton.
Goose perch dragon. Boosts tower attack by a ton.
Turkey perch dragon. Boosts farm/mill production by a ton.

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There’s a new rider every season so adding another dragon every season shouldn’t be a problem. It could potentially generate more revenue if people like it. They’ll be inclined to get the sigil to get the dragon. Just like the festive dragon.

Perched dragons already get experience daily. It’s not much but it’s something. Stay with the same system just either raise the daily xp OR lower the xp required for THAT DRAGON to level up.

Just like most of the other dragons, chests, riders, and other new things introduced, run it one season and see if it’s worth it or not. Then decide if it’s a one time thing or something to keep going with.


If it was a chicken on my perch turned around the wrong way so that it could shoot eggs at the attacking dragon, I would most definitely want it.


I could see this being a huge hit if it could be personalized… armour that matches a teams crest or something like choosing polar opposites, either bright and fluffy fun or dark and moody evil… or something of the like.

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More importantly you need to make the Perch support Phweemp.

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I’d like to be a able to show of my Phweemp :slight_smile:

I could be wrong but I think that the issue was regarding a rider?
If correct, i’d happily have Phweemp on my perch with a lock in place stopping a rider being equipped.


The yolk would be on them for sure…

(sigh, groan…)



I think he waved like a mental patient to people rather than attacking. It was kind of funny.

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