New Dragon? New event? What does the trailer means? Ideas :)

Do you guys saw the trailer on WD? What do you think it is? Someon told me its a new type of event, new dragon? Any idea?


Post link? I haven’t seen it yet


Oh. The breeding event for the mythics they just released?
Preview for the new season?

Doubtful, since the 28th is on a Tuesday (when the blog drops).

Breeding starts on the 29th :man_shrugging:t3:

I dont think its a preview for the mythics, but im pretty sure its not for the summer season, the previews and trailer will be released not until weds. Im hyped :heart:


The dragon looked like Jorm.


And this shows everyone how closely i pay attention to social media :joy::joy:

Well your guess is as good as mine then


New season preview probably


It had better involve Chunk or we riot :chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk:

We know that the preview for Summer will be on Thursday and Friday. Crisis said that on Wednesday there would be something special with the Twitch stream. My guess is revealing the new pvp event that they might start out Summer with. That icon though remindes me of a fancier version of the Summerflare icon


Is it a middle finger or alien Alfalfa?


New season mythic i guess, i wish a good mythic warrior pls PG


After all minutes or not so hard research, I have concluded that it will be a team bases event, weather a PvP or a new kind of event. There was also a dragon at the start so maybe the new season preview or something else that involves dragons.(Yes, I know that can be many thing because this whole game is pretty much dragons)

Honestly, Pg been making mythic warriors(Season/Tier) actually better.

Mmmmm maybe :thinking:

On what little they “Shown” an “What” they shown, I say it have something to do with Summer season 100% .

That green painting on the wall look “like” last summer sigil design :thinking: So that gave it away a little bit…

But we will find out on the 28th…

Maybe a space / futuristic theme for next season, the dragon on the wall looks like Jorm mixed with an alien to me.

Who knows, maybe we’ll have another teaser tonight :thinking:

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Maybe the new empyrean Mythics?

Edit: Forget it, already here. Didnt even notice until just now :sweat_smile:

@Crisis could we get a mini hint on this ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Another teaser is up:

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