New Dragon Proposal (serious, but for fun)

After all this seriousness with the ban hammer of death, which was most definitely needed and appreciated, I think a little levity would go a long way. Also, we haven’t had a “silly” dragon in a long time.

I am suggesting a fun Dragon, in the tradition of Dodo. More a joke, but also amusing and useful in very specific situations. Maybe even a goofy avatar.

I think we need a dragon that eats lumber!

It can be an evolving dragon so everyone can get in on the fun, and it should be a pig to feed. But since it’s just a fun thing, it shouldn’t be too hard for everyone to get the Evo stones… Or at least most of them. And maybe he comes back occasionally for people who were too new or not even there the first time.

We all have those times when we’re sitting on 120% capacity of lumber. And NOBODY wants it. I know some teams even have a wood tax, sending equal amounts of food and lumber when assisting a teammate.

I think it makes the most sense for it to be a Warrior, but this is just a proposal for a “silly” dragon, so all ideas are welcome. If you don’t like this idea or don’t want to have a little fun, you should start your own thread about how terrible this idea is. :grin:

We can toss around spell sets, but they should be fun. So what’s a ridiculous combination for a Warrior that is still useful? I’m thinking even spells that never get put with Warriors.

Damage is not that high, except against farms and mills. Then this guy goes Berserk. Maybe 10x his normal damage level. Something that annihilate the farms and mills. But he’ll have to get to them. Maybe if he has really high resists, but damage isn’t an issue, he could lead off and still make or to the 2 buildings he can really do some damage on. Or maybe, since he eats wood, he’s got a passive vampiric touch that’s always active. Again, he not going to be strong enough to be a base killer, but it’s not any fun if he dies really fast either.

I propose Beaverok! (And we can work on the name… I’m not really the most creative guy.)

If it’s just a terrible idea, there should be a thread for that about 30 seconds after I post this. But if you want a break from the heaviness and see if we can come up with something fun, silly, and just a little useful (get points during feeding event, kill those tough max level farms), I’d love to hear what other people think.

I can’t be the only one who has extra lumber I sometimes send to a teammate just so I can do an egg token mission.

So, pitch in, have some fun, and if we think it’s good enough, maybe we can tag a few PG folks to see if they agree.




Isopteryx, the Termite of Doom!

With a shield that lets him tunnel past fire turrets and fire flaks.


All hail Beaverok, the harbinger of your destruction!!!

P.S. this dragon needs a beaver tail. We can’t do this half way.


Love the tunnel shield. That is just awesome. I think your name might be cooler too. Certainly more original.

Totally, beaver tail and that’s how he flies. So, if he has wings, really small.

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Idk what that is… But it’s ugly! I like it.


I’d say it looks like she clipped amarok’s head armor and stuck it on the picture of a bever :laughing:


That was pro troll :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I see it now. :joy::joy:

Keep it coming. We can get enough bad ideas that we can make something that could work.

Really. Why waste that lumber when you can need it to your Abyssal Termite Beaver Dragon?

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:thinking: fangthing from Merkt? It’d end up being some crazy trippy dragon like Fae.


Stop going after Fae, Fae is the best :frowning:

We need a penguin dragon.

What the heck do you think Donivalis is?

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We need one to look like happy feet

Just choose a serpent dragon special ability poison towers and paralyzes them

If we can’t get a marketplace that allows for the trading of food/wood I propose we are allowed to breed a special pair of twin dragons; one which will eat wood and the other which eats food, both then will on regular intervals (or after having been fed enough) randomly poop out (OR HAPPILY RETRIEVE LIKE AN EXCITED PUPPY IF YOU WANT TO KEEP THIS KID FRIENDLY) items like potions and maybe if you’re lucky the occasional solitary ruby.


Poop rubies like…

Twin dragons… You can feed them, and after a while they give you a rss pack of the appropriate type.

But that seems more like a base resource/building or a house dragon. I was thinking more of one that you can fly, but it’s goofy and has only limited usefulness.

Maybe as it evolves, it grows. So, by the time it’s obsidian+ maybe even a tiny but difficult to fly because of size (game may prevent that. Idk).

Combine the two… After he’s expert, THEN you can keep feeding him… The more you feed, the larger the larger the pack, but you can’t claim more than 1 every day or two.


I’m for it :joy::joy::joy: it eats extra food or lumber, and gives you packs after a certain time… The more rss given, the bigger the packs and the longer it takes. He could be perched next to the Forge when expert, and it would be the only Dragon that can go there (and Android should not be left behind with a perch like iOS users do either!)


Hahaha, I love this idea! Maybe we’ll see a great lumber dragon in our future…! :evergreen_tree: