New Dragon Proposal (serious, but for fun)


Don’t tease us like this. Otherwise we really will be looking out for a bonus beaver dragon


You never know. Even I don’t know, but I may or may not have sent this suggestion to our team… :wink:


I really hope that you didn’t, it would be such a shame to fly a beaver and waste our precious lumber :wink:



Our Perched Beaver Dragon (Or PBD™) can be fed stockpiles of wood and over the course of time can convert it into lumber packs which can be used at later times. The amount of the lumber packs and the frequency can be scaled based upon the PBD level as well as the new perch (or dam, obviously).


A Majestic Creature is Appearing
Proposal for wood disposal
Proposal for wood disposal

That’s not a bad idea! I like where you’re going with this…


The PBD™ may also have an option on its perch to switch from lumber pack production to construction speed boost. It will then skitter/fly/flitter around construction zones the same way dragons clearing forests used to.


Like that idea


PBD = Peanut Butter Dragon

As Fae is covered in moss & flowers, this one should be covered in peanut butter.


Official Proposal

Dragon Name: Beaveemp
Element Class: Earth


  • Red Earthquake (Lvl 1)
  • Blue Wooden Shield (Lvl 1) - Invincibility shield but fire turret/fire flak damage weakens it 2x as fast
  • Ice Turret Resist (Lvl 10)
  • Builder Frenzy (Lvl 20) - Rage drains until depleted, damage dealt powers shield

Beaveemp can only be bred once a special main island “perch” is built. Unlike other dragon perches this would be a dam that Beaveemp can inhabit.

  • Beaveemp can be “fed” lumber the same way other perched dragons can be fed food.
  • Instead of offering defense boosts, Beaveemp can serve one of two functions:
  1. Lumber Pack Production - As long as perch/dam is kept loaded with lumber, lumber packs will be created at regular intervals. The size and interval frequency of the pack production will be tied to Beaveemp and the Dam’s levels. Beaveemp cannot level up/evolve unless its dam is leveled up to appropriate size to house it.

  2. Construction Speed Modifer - As long as perch/dam is kept loaded with lumber, Beaveemp will provide a speed modifier on all construction projects. The % of time saved on each project to be determined by Beaveemp’s level.

Because Google never fails me and I just searched for Beaver Dragon:


The Remedy Tier [these dragons are not real]
New idea for alternative lumber uses

omg the drawing is killing me I love it!! :joy:


Where is his white spell?!

(He doesn’t actually need one, it’s just that a dragon concept isn’t complete until someone asks this.)

Excellent proposal, let’s give the beaver the business.

Alternative name suggestions: Beaverkt, Beavraxxus, Treefang


Builder Frenzy is white.

I will accept Beaverok as a potential alternate. I chose Beaveemp because I picture him as a fat goofy shit like Phweemp.


How much wood would a Woodchomp chomp if a Woodchomp could fit in his perch


He looks like a Norbert!

Give him…

Elemental barrier
Dessicating Sand
Crumble to Dust

He takes 10% decrease in Lumber Production! But during wars you feed him a 400k lumber pack he gets a
War buff & all his spells turn to White Spells for one hour!

“Many say they can smell the Beaver, Few have touched the Beaver but none have been able to Kill Norbert the Beaver!”


Or Build a Rider, based on POG that wields a PAN :slight_smile:


@TheTXI I like it man! The Dam is genius.

The variety here is just awesome. @PGCrisis – glad you noticed this. LOL. I was gonna wait until we got something a little more coherent, but I think we see a trend away from what I was originally envisioning (which is fine). If we’re going to have fun, I think we all should. :smiley:

Bonus Beaver Dragon that can fly, in the tradition of Dodo or Perched Bever Dragon?

And If i’m not capturing the essence of the two ideas that I’m seeing form, let me know. I’m not trying to force my vision here.

  • Bonus Beaver Dragon (can fly, has attacks, but is really just for fun–bottomless eater when expert)
  • Perched Beaver Dragon (more of a base fixture–level of dragon and “dam” determine pack size and frequency)

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I didn’t even think to Google this… OFC it’s a thing!

And I thought I was having an original idea.

I really like where you are going with this. It looks like you’re actually pulling both ideas together. How do you see that working, if the “dam” follows rules similar to those of the perches?


It should be able to do both fly and perch, but obviously if it’s not in its Perch/Dam, it can’t be fed and produce packs or provide construction bonuses.


Ok. I’m tracking with you now.

I’ll close those poll. I was not seeing where people were going.


Basically. If you don’t have anything perched, the perches don’t do anything already. Same principle with the dam, only difference being that only the Beaver can occupy the perch.

So the player would have the option of flying but by doing so would turn off the perch/dam bonuses. Need to fly the sucker to properly level him up so that the boosts/packs produced can properly scale. So there’s the tradeoff there. Can’t just leave him perched and feed him unless you’re happy with minimal bonus/reward.