New Dragon Proposal (serious, but for fun)


What if it didn’t fly? :thinking:

Instead it swam around the water & jumping island
To island destroying everything in its path!

His father was alone his entire family killed for their hides…In a state of turmoil a single beaver had sex with a dragon creating this megnificent Beaver-Dragon filled with rage and a hunger for destruction to avenge the death of his Beaver family!


I’m asking, not criticizing – I LOVE this proposal.

Seems a little hard to pronounce, but I know that has never stopped a dragon name before. What about Beavareemp?

Earthquake is perfect, since we’re going with Earth element here (kinda what I was leaning to from the start).

Love the take on Invincibility–wooden shield specifically weak to fire–that could be a really fun animation. Should there be any other modifications? Maybe stronger against lightning and storm? I’m not really envisioning him as a powerhouse of destruction. But everything is up for discussion.

I think the resist makes sense for what seems to be where we’re going.

Builder Frenzy–this name is genius! Constant drain on rage, and damage dealt powers the shield. But if he’s not a “serious” dragon, would he be able to do enough damage to keep the shield up until he lost rage? What if damage dealt increased rage regeneration, and the shield were directly powered by rage rather than damage? So, the island breaks would be enough to reset any rage regen increases, but as long as you were piling on the damage (over a long island, for example) you could peak rage regen at a level where the shield is costing nothing. But then, damage stops, regen drops, shield is eating rage again.

So, no need/didn’t like the idea of bonus damage against “wooden” structures?

Regarding the two functions… What are you envisioning by keep loaded? Like, there always has to be some lumber in there? If you’re not feeding him, he starts eating the pack he was working on? LOL.

I love linking the dam to the beaver–It’s like his den.

I like both perch benefits, but maybe both at the same time is too much? Like, you can pick one or the other, and every (interval of time) you can change if you want. So, he’s EITHER munching that lumber into packs, or you can use it as a speed boost on production? So, cost of production is increased, but time is decreased. Gotta keep the equations happy.

Am I following your idea correctly?

Thanks again for the time you put into this. I was wondering if anyone would even take it seriously.

I think it could be fun and useful.

@Twitchx – that’s hilarious–I see some good potential lore here. The animators might not want to completely remake the battle animation for one dragon. But maybe?


I love the idea!


I envisioned it initially as a Phweemp like ugly goofy thing. Beevrok, Beavreak, the name I give the least number of cares about.

The shield could be extra strong against Ice (similar to how the base resist works). Would make sense given the theme. Lightning no, because lightning could ignite the wood.

I think the reason I opted for damage strengthening the shield was so that you didn’t have instances of damage-regenerating-rage leading to a shield that lasts the whole dang run (if we were to stick with the shield lasting as long as the depleting rage held out). Would need to have some major balance work done to make sure it wasn’t ridiculously over or underpowered.

Also, just because it’s not a serious dragon doesn’t mean it has to be an absolute lightweight. I think the spells listed would actually make him a fairly useful flyer and not something you’d utterly dread having to level up.

When you say “wooden” structures I assume you mean anything that was produced with lumber as opposed to embers and shards? That could work, even though technically all those ember/shard towers take wood as well every other level. So basically on top of the ice resist ability, there’d be a special damage bonus for anything that’s not Ice, Fire, Flak, and Perch? This could be a fun wrinkle especially if the idea is for his natural damage output to be pretty tame.

Like you feed a dragon perch now you can only feed for so many increments of time. Similar mechanism in place for the dam. For regular perches this counts as a bonus on top of what the dragon naturally provides. For the dam, I would suggest that the thing simply does not work unless you keep it humming with regular lumber dumps. But with this said, the timing and amount of lumber you can dump at one time should be balanced properly so that it doesn’t become a place you can just dump all your wood to and avoid farming attacks.

I was suggesting the user gets to pick one or the other. Either he can happily be shredding up wood to make lumber packs or he can be out boosting construction. Can’t have both at the same time. I think you may have misread what my initial suggestion was but then came around to suggesting the original idea so it’s all good.

Agree, changing up the entirety of the battle animation might cause their office to crumble to dust.


Are you saying it poops lumber packs? :poop:


That is absolutely going to be what us sickos claim it does while the official lore will be that he simply takes all of that lumber and saws it up with his big scary dragorodent teeth into easily manageable loads for us to store later.

See? He’s helpful and not creepy.

Side Note: He’s totally pooping lumber packs and is super creepy.

Ideas for Storage

Puppilo…the Puppy dragon :heart_eyes: Warrior OR Hunter
Enchanted Howl: Active, 1 Rage, White
Once activated, towers nearby take damage and 1 random tower will get a healing mark. (Once healing mark tower is destroyed show a puppy animation lol)
Intense Pounce: Toggle Active, 0.5 Rage per second, Blue
Once activated, dragon deals 50% increased dmg of base dmg. Rage stolen from mage towers is halved .
Uproot: Active, 2 Rage, Red
Instantly destroy targeted tower.

Ice Turret Resist


Laughing so hard at the snark here


You know I’ve been wanting this for soooo long!!!

On another note… when we build in Atlas… why doesn’t it require wood too? Ijs! That would solve the massive amounts of wood issue!
Costs 13M gold and 2M wood!
At least it would get used then!


I’m so glad I was linked this not only was it a good giggle but the concept is great :joy: I’ve been saving some sort of beaver for ages unaware someone had taken the time to fully think it through!


I absolutely love the flying beaver dragon♥️. I absolutely love the fact that we can fly him some and then perch him and Still get use out of him


They could name him Bifurr since they seem to like Norse mythology. The definition I found online is:

Possibly derived from German biber or bever both meaning “beaver”, or an Old Norse name meaning “the quaking one”. In Norse mythology this is the name of a dwarf.


I think that when you feed the beaver dragon wood while he’s on the perch during fort events, you should get points in the event like you do when you feed perch dragons during the feeding event.

If people can get points in the fort event without having to make their towers stronger, it can help prevent players from having their base out grow their dragons (Since they can still get individual prizes, sigils, and thus more seasonal prizes without building.). Also, if a player’s base is too strong compared to their dragons when the fort event comes, this could allow them to not fell like they are hurting their team while they aren’t building.


//off-topic// you can level farms, mills, and final island structures for minimal XP. Also, totems do not give XP, so they can be used to get points in the event, even though they are a terrible way to spend your embers. //back to topic//

I like the idea, but we add too much, and we end up getting something that is not realistic to the cough banance cough of the game. Maybe it’s a possible third “mode” of the perch? Just a thought.

@PGCrisis – I totally agree there are MUCH more important things that need attention right now, but I hope this doesn’t die in the forums. Some form of this would be both fun and useful for players, regardless of level.


This is crazy enough that it would be a blast to have. Love this idea.



I don’t have a totem, and those other towers get capped pretty fast.

We’ve already suggested that we can feed him wood while on his perch/dam like how you feed the perch dragons meat. Feeding the perch dragons gives you points during a feeding event, so it would seem fair to have the beaver dragon give you points during the build event if you feed him wood. It would balance it out because now we can get points in the building event like we can in the feeding event.

I think being able to use him in this way would be a big help because it will stop people from building too much just to get prizes. They may still build to get more points on top of the beaver provided points, but at least they won’t over build as much, hopefully lol.


I wasn’t meaning to be critical. I think we just need to, if we ever want to see something like this, be careful we’re not asking for a functioning Ruby Mine… We ain’t gonna get that. That’s all I meant. All the perks taken together have to be reasonable for both us and PG.


I think that each time a new dragon tier comes out, the beaver dragon should be able to level up to it, so it doesn’t get obsolete since it’s such a unique helpful dragon. Or they need a beaver dragon in each new tier. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Love it! :high_brightness:


Love this except; since it doesn’t have great attacking power, why not be more creative where instead of flying this dragon, it burrows to hide from the attacking towers.

Flying hunters has the spell set to cloak, instead of shielding, this dragon has the ability to burrow and cause a Super earthquake, causing damages were the following dragons can take the damages.

That is, if only the flyer is skilful enough to cause enough temporary stun with mud splat (similar to sanding but temporary), gains enough time to burrow through the heavy armours.