New dragon rider link broken

So the in-game mail sent under the news tab gives everyone the ability to submit a name for the new dragon rider. Unfortunately at least for myself the links are broken. For my wife on her iPhone they work but on my Galaxy s8+ they do not. @PGEggToken @PGCrisis

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Yeah PG should fix the in game mail. However if u want to submit your entry go to:Name a New Dragon Rider for the Spring Season!

Woah, that’s so weird! It didn’t look like that on our end! Maybe there’s a discrepancy between different phones which is causing the problem. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

Here’s the links for ease of access:

Submit a Name and Lore for this New Dragon Rider!

Get More Details on our Blog


From what I’ve seen, if the link works on iOS, then it doesn’t on Android and vice versa :see_no_evil:

Just so you know, on my Samsung 8+ the mail I get with links like that is always broken.

Same here, links have always been broken on android for me. I assumed it was similar to the invite a friend link, broken for ages and unlikely to be fixed.

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