New Dragon spellset...seriously?


true… vanish from fomhar is super short duration since it is free rage so now imagine it being white… 1 second duration and 5 seconds cool down maybe. with vanish u cant even skip the towers…if you are mid island


More leeway to dodge mages with a white cloak, though. Also, if you use a cloak to end duration, typically it doesn’t have a cooldown- though the description says this one always does :thinking:


I think we need more details from everyone included in the test. Hopefully, before the dragon is released (probably right after the spell details are given)


Welp, anybody want an account? Cuz I’m sure this is something I would do multiple times :see_no_evil:


You mean dishonor :smiley:


I guess you dont either… use cloak… let a blue mage cancel it, kill the blue mage and just recast cloack, No CD…!


So is calling it white seething spark… stupid red second cast. I’d rather normal Seething personally.


Red seething spark? :eyes:


The second cast is a red spell. So I can’t fly it like I did Lochsvur (who was one of my favorite hunters)


lolz thats what i meant, cooldown cancelled :rofl:


If these new dragons can win pretty seemless on a good base with 3 defenders , then thats the time id consider them ridiculously OP.

Theres alot of underlying factors now by the way… :grimacing:


Spell details with cooldowns and rage costs. Posted them to the other thread, but since discussion is also held here… what do you think?


A permanent 150% attack damage boost. Seriously?


They could’ve meant +50% instead of +150%… the wording is pretty unclear. :t_rex:


Well the wording is actually pretty unambiguous. But it wouldn’t be the first time PG messed that up anyway.

I really do hope it’s 50% or we can all just trash our entire roster and replace it with this guy (and maybe Hau).


Right now I don’t see a reason to let that 150% buff wear off for a red cast which seems very weak, doesn’t it?


Absolutely not. You’ll be riding that 150% buff into the sunset.


I hope it was a typo. If not, I’ll have to start wondering if Pathox can outperform this literal machine gun of a dragon.


I was gonna say 150% means its regular strength beïng 100% with 50% on top of that. But when i read hes gonna fly 50% faster im not so sure.

The way its written down now hes gonna fly at 150% his regular speed when cloak is activated and hes gonna have 250% his regular damage…


I hope so, if it’s 50% then that’s totally fine. Otherwise, what’s even the point of having a base? :rofl: