New dragons coming?

I haven’t seen mention of any update pending, so is it safe to assume that no new dragons are being released this event?

If not it’s a mistake. No longer is it the top 5% that have nothing to breed, but many are in this boat. PG is really discouraging spending. It seems like so much focus is on world map that the actual game is lagging behind.

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I’m pretty sure there are new ones coming

Hopefully with new dragons will come new backbreeds in the Sapphire and Garnet tiers!!! :+1::grinning::+1:


Event? Do you mean SEASON? - You can expect only 1 more rider to be released in February, but no dragon.

Pretty sure she means event and is referring to a whole new tier of dragons being released, not just another season dragon.

New tier this breed event (aka this week) is extremely likely


Wanna bet? :slight_smile:


Same thing happened with Noctua but never know until it happens :smiley:


Well I hope it does happen :grin:

Well adding a new tier without giving this seasons mythic a new evo stone would just be silly. I assume he would have one already if they were planning on releasing a new tier before the season is over.

In game files Neptus has an Atlas evolution stone listed after obsidian. No clue what that is or will be used for lol.

Yup. Not sure if the winner or loser loses :joy:

The people without Obsidians win :stuck_out_tongue:

Somone told me this was happening, through sources, but did also mention it’s not 100%, I have the new WD icon on android so perhaps this is their littler Easter egg :grin:time will tell

This makes sense, but they may add the stone when they add the tier,

:joy::joy: good point!

PG is discouraging spending? Try using a mega coin if you think so. You can literally get points for doing nothing…you’re directly just buying points for 0, literally 0%, effort.

Discouraging spending…:unamused:

-App Icon Update - We took down our holiday-themed app icon and replaced it with art based on our upcoming tier of dragons.

Looks very promising

You win … ESTRIL looks like a beast.

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