[NEW] End of Season @ 6PM PST

Hi all,

This post is to announce what PG changed and did not announce in-game and to the community.

  1. Seems like back already with end of Fall season, SoulDance, and now with Eclipse, Seasons now end on a Tuesday @ 6PM PST unlike the midnight PST it has always been (for years).

  2. I was unfortunately one of the shamed players that due to work was unable to play and redeem all my ~20K sigils, and could not find the event button @ 9PM PST because it has already ended :sob: I’m a E2P / F2P player, so it really hurt, all that time spent and nothing gained. NOTHING!

  3. When I sent a support ticket in, they told me it already ended and it was my fault for not seeing the timer on the Season tab when it would end. All on me, apparently. For not knowing any better!

  4. I’m not aware of another game that would just expire your hard earned currency like this. My proposal is to offer at least something in return. Some default for not spending your season sigils.
    For example, 50% for next season sigils, or timers for X amount of season sigils left.
    Something similar to redeeming unused season keys, but not so complicated.
    Just SOMETHING in return for unused sigils, that’s all.
    Otherwise all that time spent on saving them for end of season to make a final redemption, just wasted. Lesson learnt, hard way, but surely PG can do a better job on this??
    I know I’m not the only one that got screwed by this on Tuesday night …



The timer was 9 PM PST on Monday. On Tuesday mid afternoon (5ish or so EST) the update changed the timer to 6 PM EST. I hope that helps in your ticket with support.

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I did ask Gal if an in game mail could be sent out when I brought that to his attention but apparently they decided not to do that. This is just another example of PG not practicing what they preach. We have been told many times in the past that these forums do not represent the majority of players (which of course is fair) but then they limit information such as this to just these forums as if everyone in the game reads them. There is no reason why major changes such as this are not being announced to everyone. In fact that wasnt even on the forums, it was just stated in a comment in one of the Office Hours topics where very few people would have seen it. And that’s with the exotic rune timer originally being wrong yet again before they corrected it


It sucks if the timers are off but I also have to wonder why anyone would sit on 20k sigils until the last 3 hours of the season. Any kind of small hiccup, internet disruption, any unexpected event would cost you massively. I’m not saying it’s your fault, if the season timer did end too early, but it’s not really sensible planning either.


Many people are indecisive about what is the best direction to go with their rss. It’s also very possible something comes up outside of the game and they simply forget about it. I mean when you have some people working 10-12+ hour shifts at work, family stuff, covid, ect. something like that can easily slip your mind. Especially when no announcement about decreasing the season’s length has ever been made by PG and the only comment about it is burried in an unreleated forum post

I know during Souldance I was wavering back and fort with a couple of decisions on how I wanted to spend my sigils. I made up my mind well before the season ended but I also have more free time than many others do.

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Well, I was hoping to garnet more support / see if there was a larger group in the same situation, but it seems not, so I will have to let it slide and plan our game shutdown in lieu.

Not all of us have the mythic as a goal and laid out a plan for all the sigils earned in advance.
In fact, even then, we usually wait until the team rewards have been issued to see total earned and distribute among the best prizes possible for our accounts.

We thought we still had a full day to decide: evidently not.
I also agree with Ducks that given this unusual time, PG had an obligation to do proper communication on this. Apparently, the timer countdown is enough in their view.
We get a lot of warnings for end of Atlas season which is ironic because the normal season is much more applicable, IMHO.

Thanks for your sympathy, understanding and support, Ducks!
I did decide to start this thread, because I found the same: Gal did mention the change, buried deep in other threads, so unless you go looking for it, small chance we’ll see it.

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