New event added to the Feeding event


I was wondering if we could have a super xp event added with feeding event. Where you could get like 10x xp per run then 9x then 8x ect ect during feeding to help lvl dragons up faster. Finding it hard to lvl up breeding dragons cause they have to have soooo much xp per lvl and the 5x cap aint doing much when you have to get a drag lvled up to 12 and need nearly 300k xp towards the end… just a suggestion


They had this event some 3 years ago. Starting from x8 as i recall. Also with free heals :slight_smile:


Here is an amazing idea of such XP event, very well designed by Red, which was unfortunately ignored
Maybe they just don’t plan anything new to release…


It’s over 2 bil xp for mythic vanguards :eyes:


They had something similar. I remember getting 10x exp back in the day. That was nice.


I remember that with I think the Last summer season towards the end the divines were given x10 multipliers if memory serves correct


All seasonal dragons at the time got double xp.


For me, this isn’t needed. If you do xp runs in Atlas, you rack up crazy xp.


Just give us XP event, plus 0 heal time. :eyes:

Oh, also Invader style-base (tower level is based on base level) with mixed Boss Towers (the same towers as Shrine Guardian, Temple Raid)

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