New Event Bases Crazy High

I know PG wanted to spice it up but 350- 450 million base on a 250 is a bit insane and ridiculous. All for 100 pts Is there anyway we can get a hot fix update in here to cut that in half and make it realistic for most players under obsidian.


@PGEggToken @PGDave @PGJared
An is reset 24 hrs? No timer in the energy box


I wonder if a full level 48 level base really fill 250 level… and 417M defence…

thats very high… sometimes my emerald dragon struggle there :x
i think its bad balanced… if that high… then more points…


Looks like my invader base lol

400M for lvl 250 is very high, usually closer to 125-150M.

However, I’m only emerald tier and personally enjoying this. I’ve flown all the lvl 350 bases without any issues, but yet they are hard enough if you screw up you’re dead.

Having a challenge is nice and less mind numbing.


Agree. Its nice to see a step up from the normal blackblood bases.


LOL… now this is crazy. The Major Monument is lvl 450, 992M.

Full base level 60’s. This is a Harb only base, guess I better get some tokens quickly!


Looks like the Necryx - Hauheset- and third with one shot - dragon pair need help there out…
Depending on design of course.

Else wait for the other teams to conquer it and then move it. :innocent:

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Can you post the 450 bases please?

Edit, we got to a pillar:

Sorry, went and did something. The bases are actually pretty well set up and very tough.

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Tough? That’s not even possible for most people :joy: even people with harbingers can be trash flyers and fail that base

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Shouldn’t lv 250 be Obsidian?

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very few players are obsidian and 250. I’ll be obsidian around 255-260 which is pretty good. From what I see, most players are upper 200’s for obsidian.

Perhaps the Blackbloods have following Red’s guide faithfully :grin:.
Therefore this event will encourage breeding progress…


Its tough, but not ridiculously tough that uou cant finish it.

It has to stay the same.

And this :point_up:t2:.

I actually like the bases. The normal blackblood bases are so mind numbing.

Great job guys! @pgEcho @pgDave this was a much needed gameplay improvement :raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2:


I can clear both the 250 and the 350 in sapphire but ironically the 250 is a lot harder. Fyi I’m just started in garnet tier.

So, it’s all possible just dumb that the lower level base is tons harder.

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Hopefully PG creates a base like this which is opened all the time.
Just for EXP :grin:

Maybe it’s just me,but I think the 250 base in platinum iv is a bit much.