New event breed/feed


What would y’all think of combining breeding and f3eding event


I don’t think it’s a bad idea really. Having breeding over a few days is good because it gives you a few more days too get those levels. But on the other hand it’s over in 30 mins for some and although feeding is illusive and mysterious… I think it would be making up the time up for people who have done all there breeding…


Definetly would be a great ideea to have them combined atleast 1 time per month.Instead of having 2x breeding events in the same mount and no feeding to have 1 breeding and 1breeding+feeding combined that should last like a normal event.
But it has been a while since we had a feeding event.


I would much prefer to see a return to the xp event of the old days. Only, instead of xp we could get rewards based on medals won. That way, higher level players dont have advantage of higher xp rewards per flight. Also, it would encourage more active event and would encourage players to spread attacks out to get mad medals instead of just attacking same xp base over and over. I think this would be a much more exciting way to get dragons leveled than the boring feed event. Jmo


Would love it… I don’t like the breed event at all, it’s very boring.


Good idea.

Combine breeding and feeding - and create a medals event; this would at least make medals mean something


It would be a good merger because breeding tends to be over for mid to higher level players quickly, its difficult to earn enough tokens during the event to keep pushing into higher prize levels. However, if you added feeding you can spend the later parts of the event accumulating xp and food etc to keep progressing and make the event more balanced. I’m assuming you would need to re-balance the prizes to match.


Nahh bad idea, you need food after breed new dragons but food is super rare in feed event, you will dying hunting for food or you will pump dollar for food pack, all is horrible.


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