New event glitching?

So this new event keeps acting weird with me. Every time I click fight on one of the pits, it redirects me back to the battle tab. I’m not the only one with this issue tho, many of my teammates complained about the same thing. Any advice or assistance?

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Are you in a low league? If a player is inactive/banned you can’t attack them so it just redirects you back to the event menu

My team is ranked 1st in league and 5156 globally. Sorry I’m new to this game so does that classify as being a lower league?

As in, silver/bronze or gold 5-3? There tend to be more inactive players in teams in those leagues because wars are less competitive

Same for me and others on my team.

Same for me on my main in sapphire and alt in gold 1

its happening same with normal attacks. And the result is this:

Have the same issue:
Chat is not loading
Cannot attack in atlas
Cannot attack on event i am always directed to the main page and recieve the message “this might be due to poor internet connection”.

Guess something broke then lol

Thanks God i thought i’m the only one got this issue

Hey my team are currently champions in our pit, it it stays broken for a few hours I won’t mind :innocent::wink:

Any of your teammates got banned yesterday?

Nope, we’re Gold1 just about to go to Plat4 so not really the cheaters playground lol. Would be pretty quickly picked up by our team if it happened.

Did any of yours get banned?

I thought my team received penalty bcos unfortunately we got 4 cheaters on ours and they were leader and 3 officers zzz All of us didn’t know about this​:slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face: Sadly i just joined this team…

Ah sorry to hear that, not great when the bosses are involved :smirk:. Looking at this thread it’s a global issue, just have to wait for PG to wake up now:


As Carnquin said we are talking about this problem here:

Closing this one.