New event idea “battle of the beasts”

I had this really great idea while i was laying awake and couldn’t sleep
Some thoughts on a new event that include working with your teammates and achieving a common goal here is my thoughts
The event takes place in a random war zone where there are hidden beasts and prizes that drop from them. Each beast spawns at different locations and random times. Members of the team join in a team of say 5 members and each one has to fly to complete the beast but in order to kill it u have to complete each tier of the beast. One member flies the first tier, second member flies the second and so forth…u can’t move onto the next tier until ur first flier makes it through the first tier. When u mKe ur team of five, u will be going against other teams in the battle zone fighting for claim over the spawning beasts so you have to be in the kill zone watching for them to spawn and be quick on the claim to attack them. The more beasts your team completes the higher up in rank you move. When completing a kill, u get different prizes, maybe gear drops, rubies, xp potions, runes or glyphs…some weak prizes and some random good ones depending on the spawn of the beast and what it drops! If you are a solo flier they can make single player beasts with lower drops but you compete against other teams to claim ownership of the beast!
Anyways that my thoughts and I would like Pg to consider it for a future event! What do you guys think?


This sounds cool but what about the teams without 12 members

If a team was not full roster there would be a battle for indivuak play to battle against other teams but u fly solo against them

Seems cool

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I really like this idea. If I read it right, it is more pve than pvp. Would like to see a more direct pvp component. Perhaps fighting to keep castles that expand the area of the map where you can hunt for beasts and thus increase point potential.