New event idea to consider

New event idea: What about a retro event? Just have each team in a league war with each other. The wars are timed similar to Crystal Caves. You could use established war rules to make it easy for pg. Just create a scoring mechanism… or just use flames to keep score.

Sounds interesting. Mini wars and if every 4 hours long will help teams that have coverage and create new strategies :thinking::thinking:

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Please don‘t create anything that has such a high burden of play. Don’t punish sleeping and being offline!


Isn’t that what atlas is all about :joy::joy::joy:

A forced war mini event… think there may be ways to abuse the ranking system with that.

No wars during PvP thank you. That is a recipe for burnout and disaster.

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Hmm Jonesy you’ve been acting weird …. Weirder than normal with these phrases…… I have no idea if this is actually you or not.

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Same happened. I don’t exactly know entirely why only part of it other than the whole Darkmire thread kerfuffle. All it taught me is I should just be a coward.

There were much more people than the two of us or so I heard.

Bring back the dragon feeding event


NO, a bunch of people hate that event especially those with active imaginations who imagine dragons biting chunks of their bodies off every time they are neglected on purpose.

Even more reason to bring it back. I loved that event.

Well PG said they would never bring it back, feeding that is, but since they brought back old divines and scrubbed the forums of their posts to the contrary, you’ve got at least a chance of feeding returning…

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They have wars already, they could just up the rewards for winning and make the lose for losing bigger to make them worthwhile

But imo, if they bring in a new event they need to think outside the current box, like most events are the same, just gift wrapped in a different coloured wrapping and ribbon.

Maybe bring in something like a mini platform game for our riders to fight in, maybe like Mario bros or something similar or fortnight or something, like something along these lines, could also be like a street fighter type of thing, haha I think it would put more value in getting new riders etc as well


Rider arena, huh… :open_mouth:

Something entirely different, rather then the same old dragon flying around a base constantly

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