New event ideas for war dragons

What about adding new events for a change in the game? Like for ex- Tug of War / Capture the Flag? Or something else. Anyones free to comment ideas to


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Rune dust event! :eyes:

Followed by 3 feedings and a forti…

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Yeah I saw that Tug of War suggestion too and almost died laughing.

It was the ultimate Megacoin for victory event. You could build a massive lead over the hours and guaranteed the other team would just Megacoin at the last minute for the win.

Pure P2W


Like Fight Pits :rofl:

How about an XP event like Red suggested a while back?


What about an alliance event?
I mean where 5 teams will have to work together against 4 other groups of 5 teams… Maybe use Atlas alliances for those who have it.
that could be interesting, we have 5 elements for dragons so we could do 5 teams per element…


there was once a great boat event that used lumber. that was fun! maybe they could bring that back!

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Omg mike :joy::joy:

The last couple attempts at New events were epic failures lol. Kingdom Wars, fight pits… Only the Temple Raid has potential

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Kingdom wars :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

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Sometimes I think PG has a hard time grasping what makes the game “fun” and instead zeros in on what makes the game a monotonous grind that makes a person want to hurl their smart phone/tablet across the room in sheer frustration :unamused:


Gomoku or 5 in a row would be great inspiration for a new PVP game. Maybe to even replace Kingdom wars…

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That might actually be an interesting way to try to improve Kingdom Wars - formalizing the alliances that teams already create. It could even attempt to auto-balance it, by having the teams you’re grouped with chosen based on certain characteristics (activity, player levels, etc.).

Test out some behind-the-scenes categorization of “strong,” “average,” and “weak” teams, and try to balance the alliances, so that it’s a more decently matched battle. Could attempt to balance it by team numbers - same number of strong/avg/weak teams per alliance, or alliance power - say, 3 points for a “strong” team, 2 for an “average,” and 1 for a “weak.”

Then it’s much less likely that any team will completely dominate the map, or be completely destroyed, and a lot more tactical options become available.

Collect medals event, spend rubies event, spend rune dust event, gather xp event, complete research event :rofl:

This could be an interesting concept. Perhaps more interesting if the 5 team assignments were random. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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We don’t really need another minor, it would be a lot better replacing feeding event instead.

Exactly. The XP event that Red mentioned should replace feeding

Let’s have dragon race! You will race against other players’ dragons in a special race track.

You will have to plow through towers while enduring the onslaught from other dragons.

Sample spells
Evasion: prized spell that allows your dragon to escape
Thunderstorm: Damage towers and chance to reduce speed of other dragons
Cloak: Cloak and fly slightly faster
Self-destruct: instantly kill your dragon and any dragon close by

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