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Hey how about a new PVP Event thats about guild wars, were you have much shorter prep times and war length so that you can have several wars during the event and similar to kingdom war in points scoring

Didnt they already have this event? I think it was called skirmishes or something like that. It was before my time but I’ve heard mention of something like it.

Please no. Really don’t need a war event. Alsoooooooo… this has been discussed ad nauseum @moderators



Due to the fact that there are players all around the world, they can’t do a war event with shorter duration among other things. Best they can do are 6h rounds where if you are unlucky you might be missing a whole reset… but with great resets come great prize REQUIREMENTS!

So I’m not sure that’s the best idea nor the most original or detailed as it’s been mentioned several times before.

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:thinking: War-like PvP…

  • War can only attack once/round
    allow attacking multiple times
  • Should encourage attacking strong enemies
    give scaled points
  • War limits one target to one attacker
    give freedom to pick target
  • Attacking stronger team should give more points
    give tiers for team
  • 24h is too long for one round
    make it 6h
  • War buff makes harder to get points
    disable war buff


There, you have Fight Pits :smirk:


Huh, to me it sounded like gauntlet. Quick wars every few hours against a variety of teams. Of course the thing with gauntlet and the thing with war/limited attacks as a basis for pvp is you’d need something else to fill in the time and soak up some energy and inner fire. Thus we get the pve islands.

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I have an idea for a pvp event I think is nice
Each player on the team is worth at the beginning of the 12h round 100 points and when you attack another base player it you can increase your own points up to the max amount of 200 points and if you get attacked you can drop to 0 points. The team with the highest average of each player points will get the max amount of vp points. I’m not sure exactly about the number of minimum and max points but the general idea I find interesting.

Actually, while I do see ways that could really screw some ppl (an active low 100s could get smacked by a 400 if they accumulate enough points), as a whole I kinda like that idea. It would help to change up the bases being attacked instead of always attacking the same ones, and those who have really tissue paper bases would hurt their teams less.

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How about nude laser bowling, for an event

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