New Event Info - The Fight Pits


Not trying to self promote, just trying to get the info the Creators Faction has gotten out there to as many people as possible. We got some initial information a week ago, and the video I made detailing that can be found here:
The Fight Pits pt.I
We got some more information last night and I included that in a follow up video which can be found here:
The Fight Pits Pt.II
I still have some questions which I talk about, but I’m curious what questions or comments some others might have.


Awesome info thanks for the videos


Thanks, look forward to seeing a new event in action.

I think the first question is “will the mega coin make a show in this event”


It’ll definitely be there, but I don’t think it’ll have quite the impact it does in events like tug of war. There won’t be any strategy, at least that I can see, to waiting until the last few minutes to use it. Yes, you’ll steal a bunch of VP in the last few minutes from a team, but they could just as easily be doing it right back. It’s not like CTF where you are trying to snipe someone’s flag.
That’s just my thoughts at least. I could be totally wrong lol


Thanks Poseidon. I also have a static page that I’ll be adding to for anyone who wants an old school reference page.


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