New event Kingpin bugged my Primarch

For over 4 hours I have been messaging support in game with no response. I attacked a Kingpin and it bugged my primarch. I can’t move, can’t attack, can’t contribute to my team, can’t earn rewards. Over 4 hours and no one in support can even send me a “hi, sorry for this bug robbing you and your team of rewards but we care at least a little bit and are trying to fix it”? This is ridiculous, there is NO reason to go so long with absolutely NO acknowledgment. Too busy to say “hi, were trying to fix this”?

Please, I have supported the game and staff many times over monetarily, I just want you to give a crap about me after all this time.

Is your problem similar to this one: Primarch disappeared

At a cursory glance, it sounds like the same issue. I got no warning my
primarch was freed after the attack, destroyed the base with 1 dragon to
100% but the game is telling me I have no primarch and need to summon it,
even though it is still visible in the safe zone.

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