New event suggestion : Wars Cup

I loved wars and it seems most teams at higher levels don’t do them anymore. So that got me thinking of an event that could remind us all of how fun wars can be. I’m still a noobs and maybe this existed or has already been suggested. But I didn’t find it in forums and we really have to do something about wars so I’m trying:

Ranking phase

For 6h, teams fight like in a round of fight pit to determine their ranking

Cup phase

Your team will face one unique team for 3h. As there are 25 teams, the last team from Ranking determination phase gets to rest for 3h. Team #1 from ranking phase face Team #24. Team #2 vs Team #23.

To determine the winner, just like in war, it will be the highest number of flames. Obviously next factor is highest number of defense.

At the end of each round, teams are ranked by the number of wins. In case of a tie, teams are ranked by the ranking phase. Then Team #1 face Team #2. #3 vs #4,etc…, #23 vs team that didn’t play last round. Team#24 get a rest for 3h

At end of event, team are ranked using the same logic as end of round

War rules

I’d love to use the rule of one attack per team member but then we wouldn’t use energy. Such an event would never be created. Therefore, to attack in war against opponent, you have to build a wildfire on a PVE island or use a mega coin. I have to find sthg for supers even if you can use them in the ranking determination phase.

I don’t know much about the game mechanics so there are undoubtedly many problems with this idea. Feel free to suggest anything and be creative but I want to war again

You realize that the game is worldwide. Wars are 24h for a reason : so that everyone has as many chances as possible to score, with the only necessary constraint being the starting time which can be unfortunate for a few teams but it can’t be avoided… 3h on a schedule manner is very short (in the case of Temple Raid for instance the leadership can schedule when a Guardian should become available, when most people are online or awake.

This event would prevent people from sleeping just like wars, during a 4-days long PvP phase that should be war-free so we can focus on running for points. If that’s only one day of event, what makes it so different from regular wars? The energy build up? The teams forced to face each other? I don’t know about you but I’d hate to be forced to face a team much weaker/stronger than mine over and over, that would get boring and irritating.

If you want to war that badly, maybe suggest your team to make a good ol’ war?


Also could you imagine the resources you would need to defend :eyes:

“Hammer time” bermmm berm berm berm…


Wars start at 2am for me :wink: so I do realize this

I agree although no one forces you. 6h might be better. I suggested 3h for every team to go through the no fight phase.

I agree. That’s why I suggested team #1 would face Team #2 after the first round up to the end. Maybe this could start at the first round. But I’m afraid teams might intentionally drop in the ranking phase

War based events have been suggested a few times now.

As much as I like the concept - they always get shot down by the forum.

Thanks for sharing. Im not a creative genius so I imagined it was already thought and probably refused. What was the main reason?

:thinking: Personally, I think this is similar to Gauntlet, only much more resource heavy, and a lot worse (Gauntlet still allows normal attack to be used in all phase)
Also, Gauntlet still limits the pairing between teams on close ranks.


I would rather have the reintroduction of an old event that I liked very much. Cant remember the official name, but Something with “Sentinel”

Each team could build up there own sentinel with lumber - the higher the stronger. (would make lumber interesting outside of Fort events :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Each team could choose to start a war each hour, if they started a war they would be matched against a team that likewise had chosen to start a war. this means the team could plan for when war was optimal. A war would last for 45 minutes. with 15 minutes rest til next possible war.

Strategy was to take out the sentinel and / or leader first.
While the sentinal was active the base defence was increased for all bases as well as an increase in attack points.
It was short, intense and so much fun


I agree it might be a team gauntlet transformed into a bad event. I guess I just wanted to promote wars which is one of the reason I really enjoyed this game when I started in lower leagues. The obvious solution would be to give more loots for wars to happen in higher leagues.
Still a war based event would be awesome and @LadyStrikesBck event sounds like it. Was there energy involved ? Why was it stopped?

I think the main problem is you’re trying to promote wars, and wars absolutely suck in just about every way possible. I honestly don’t think you could ever adjust or change wars enough to make them better than the myriad other things we would be better off doing. Like Atlas, events, egg missions, xp runs, just flying for the hell of it, NOT staring at the screen waiting for defense banners, etc.

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Get ready for 7 flame wars…

:scream: Don’t give them ideas!!!

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War of Infinite Battles


I didn’t realize so many players disliked wars. I spent my first 4 wd monthes with between one and three wars per day. It was part of daily activity which i enjoyed a lot. Especially the team bonding for waves and defense. While watching defense, I would always do something out of war dragons. Like cooking :yum:

Taking feedbacks into consideration, I guess it is just me :cry:

It really depends on what league you are in. In the higher leagues, wars aren’t fun because everything else in the game grinds to a halt as you sit on your base screen and simply wait for the off chance the other team will attack you, because in the higher leagues, war wins are determined by the number of defense points you gain, since 99.999999% of the time, wars end at 250 flames to 250 flames.


That and prodding the last one or two who saunter on just before the end to finally do their runs and expect to be treated like a freaking hero for finally showing up. The other 48 in the team aren’t usually in a good mood by then…

Good times


Infinity War?!? Is it Time for it to be a Reality? My Soul concern is the Space it will take on my device… My Dragons have lots of Power stones but I would still Mind for my sleep deprivation :laughing: Unfortunately I’m far from Endgame…
And I still prefer Gauntlet :sweat_smile:

@FLAKnIceHole So very true :unamused:


Or those (thankfully) extremely rare cases where the 50th guy doesn’t show up at all (for some inexplicable reason) and then promptly gets kicked off the team :sweat_smile:

Then you check to see if they didn’t show up due to a medical emergency of some sort (if that’s why they missed the war then leadership reevaluates if they should be brought back in).


Hospitals have Wi-Fi…

Just sayin…

Well if they were in a coma because their car got totaled… kinda hard to do a war run :sweat_smile: