NEW EVENT Take1 W/O mention of BreedingEvent modification

As suggested, here is a first-draft New Event idea sans BreedingEvent shortening.
If you don’t like it, that’s OK. If you’ve got suggestions how to make it cooler, even better!

Quest for GOLD. The Alchemists Dream.

Dragons and dragon lore were always associated with the ancient art and science of Alchemy….turning lead into gold. The Event has 7 steps, corresponding with the 7 visible planets and their seven basic metals:
Saturn-Lead, Jupiter-Brass, Mars-Iron, Venus-Copper, Mercury-Guess?(Hint:Mercury), Moon-Silver, Sun-Gold

Each level means a higher level of teamwork.

Phase 1 LEAD
Obtain your first chunk of lead by fulfilling the following mission:
Three team members all travel to the Castle Caeda. There you will find a poacher. Conquer this poacher together, as a trio and you will find your precious nugget of LEAD.

Phase 2 Brass
When five team members solo conquer bases of the same enemy team, each with a level at least 20 points higher than your team members, you will earn your precious “Nigredo” and can transform your Lead into Brass.

Phase 3 Iron
Declare and win two wars within one day with teams in your league and earn your “Rubedo”. With this secret ingredient, you can turn your Brass into Iron.

Phase 4 Copper
When each of your 50 team members contributes 500 pieces of Gold to your team castle, you have earned your “Albedo” and can transform your Iron into Copper.

Phase 5 Mercury
When your team leader and all your officers earn 3K Glory each, by attacking an adjacent caste in Atlas, you will have earned your “Hermedo” and can transform your Copper into Mercury.

Phase 6 Silver
When all your team members gather each 150K of Wind Crafting Shards, you have earned your “Albedo” and can transform your Mercury into Silver.

Phase 7 GOLD
When you win a war within 2 hours you will have earned your “Citrinas” and have completed your alchemical mission and transformed lead into Gold!

The first 5 teams that achieve this win significant prizes:

Among these include:
1K to 5K Seasonal Sigils for each team member.
20K Gold for your teams Castle.
40K Rubies
A special gift from PG, direct from the Store
Special mention in our Dragon Wars Blog
60 Gold Chests


Since this is pure Atlas, I am moving it to the Atlas subforum. I am also removing the superfluous tags as Dave and Echo run Atlas.

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These also read like quests, not an event.


@mechengg gave some really good feedback and direction this could take and I share his view:

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As much as i agree with you that these are quests, it might make more sense to put them as a limited time function such as in an event.

  • Calling it an event would put a higher priority on it within a team
  • You would be able to push people in an event to go further
  • Being able to complete it at anytime would lead to not many people completing it and i don’t think it would be very fun to do/compete in
  • The current quest log isn’t very informative IMO. It doesn’t give you any idea what the next/upcoming quests are, where as if it was planned out as event you could click on each “quest icon” and figure out what was coming up and then you can plan it out in your team a bit
  • Calling it an event would let it take the place of other PvP style events in atlas. Perhaps those participating would earn glory for their primarchs when they completed certain tasks (if this was Atlas based solely).

Either way i think that it’s a great idea that builds on a slightly different version of the “quests” that were just released which were IMO very underwhelming and more of a teaching tool. This would be a repeatable event style that would get teams more involved and working together once they have learned the basics of atlas.

EDIT: Alternately this could be released as a LIMITED TIME QUEST LOG with individual goals, but i really like the fact that this is proposed as a team based activity

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My thoughts exactly! And when you think about it PvP “events” all revolve around one thing: attacking and conquering opponents bases. Whichever form it takes, it always comes down to attacking bases. I love that. It’s major league fun. Yet because this game is so complex, perhaps in the future “events” can reflect this complexity. That’s what I’m looking for: variety. I’m sure we can come up with something juicy!

Neat idea. We’ve never really tried this kind of “limited-time (team!) quest” as you’ve proposed here. It could be an interesting direction to try to get teams brawling for fun. Nice first pass at the lore / theme behind this particular idea too!


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