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OK. I give up. Nobody else wants a shorter and more frequent Breeding Event. I’ll live with it. It’s happened before. It’ll happen again.

Still, I’m working on a newer style event which integrates the Atlas with the standard game and which, at the same time, puts an emphasis on real intense team work. Systemic organization and transparent, efficient communication is a subject of intense interest not only in War Dragons. I’ve been with my present team for almost a year and going from Gold to Sapphire required major overhauls in our communication and ability to work together. I’m looking to form a more complex event which focuses on just this.
I admit, it’s not for everyone. For those who just want to play and occasionally chat and fly together (an absolutely legitimate goal and one I had myself for a while), this event is going to seem like WAY too much work. For those who LOVE the skill-based, social, team-work aspects of this game, this version will hopefully be the beginning of something really cool.
Also, not everyone has Atlas. Plus, some that do hate it and will never want to learn it. If anyone else out there is like me, it is possible to hate something at the beginning and then come to love it. And because more and more teams are being brought into Atlas, the assumption seems to be correct that after a time many teams will have it, not few. This new event is for that future time. Alone the programming will probably take that long. This game now goes between Normal Play (including Wars), Events and Atlas. For me at least, it’d be great to have them integrated. Hence my next new Event Idea!


Journey in Atlas through a red zone, into a foreign Continent and come back alive.

Find a team partner and 100% conquer a base at least 30 levels higher than your own.

Conquer solo 4 poachers in the red zone

Farm your maximum of Lumber and send it all to a teammate

Find and journey to the castle “Elenar” with three of your teammates simultaneously.

Find two other teammates and fly trio to conquer 100% of a leader’s or officer’s base of a team in your league.

Arrange with 4 other teammates and together get a total of 5K Glory in Atlas.

Farm your present maximum in Food and send it all to a teammate.

Move 10 of your team members to a foreign castle and back.

Declare and win a war within the first 6 hours.

Simultaneously wave attack an enemy castle with 9 other teammates and either conquer it or fight to the death.

20 Team members farm their maximum in Food and Lumber all within 2 hours .

There will be team and individual prizes for the achievement of each labour and for the 5 teams that finish the twelve labours first, there will be major prizes.

Any or all of these labours can be modified for each recurring event.

You cant imagine how much and different event suggestion here was inside the years.
Mostly it looks like if the company isnt interested, they dont do anything in that way. Even getting responses more often is hard.
Every person work more then in forum, and thats how its sadly not easy to get something from here.
Thankfully some employee sometimes came and talk, but that is very rare actually… i feel bad and wish you good luck … What i wish is the best for players , not only for one side , so both gain good.

“Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm”

“Never, NEVER, N E V E R give up!”

— Winston Churchill

…has become something of a personal mantra, especially regarding institutions!

These read 100% like quests not like an event.

How would you propose the highest levels in the game do this?

So only your team can defeat the poachers - is that what you’re suggesting?

Are you suggesting arrive at the same time? Leave at the same time? Is there a “window” rather than a second-perfect thing?

Are you suggesting I hold onto my max food?

This I think teaches poor strategy. Plus, ya know, blockades.

Anything that is ever “do this_first_” I will be against due to timezones. This isn’t fair to non-American friends.

Overall, these again read like quests. While I may not like all the "Labours", I like the idea of quests in the game.
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What Red said. Cool tutorial/quest suggestions. Would love to see these added to get some goodies in return.


More like atlas quests or team quests, nope, already implemented in the game :tipping_hand_man:

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2 easy to modify: 30 lvls higher than your own, or lvl XXX.

  1. As long as 4 are conquered…labour fulfilled.

  2. Within 3 mins…or similar

  3. Nope. Max out then send.

  4. Would mean either accept the blockade or map your way around it. It’s supposed to be a challenge.

Yup. Get it with the time zones. That’s the fun…working around the zones. I live in Germany where wars start at 1AM. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Why I called em LABOURS.

How exactly does a “Quest” differ from an “Event”? And how exactly would you create a Quest-like Event??

I disagree with anything that says “hit XXX” higher.

So just kill a majority of 4 poachers…like normal

Since different prims travel at different rates and the travel glitches, I don’t see a point to this. More so because travel will be changing soon.

This is physically impossible. I can hold 1.65m of each resource. I can send out 229k x3 so 687k at a time. I will get ripped apart the moment I go over 500k food. So unless I’m using packs or people are transferring (thus not raiding) this is impossible.

I’ll reiterate my comment that I think this teaches poor strategy. We have something like this already in tutorial to help people learn.

I disagree, they are a challenge, they are a punishment for people living out of the designated “home” time zone. I will always be against the “who can do this first” idea.

Quests we have in Atlas. They teach you the game mechanics.

If you don’t have atlas, would you just get stuck on the first labour?

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Hmmmm…good feedback. THANKS!!!:pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2: How might you modify some of these? Perhaps the leader designates a team starting time and the team that finishes in the shortest time wins. Something like that? And moving around Atlas with the right prim along the right path is exactly what I’m trying to get experience in. Whether you or someone else thinks it’s good or bad “strategy” depends on context and team playing style. Either way, it’s a good skill to master and part of game play.

But please do keep these good ideas coming!

which good ideas? thats the biggest nonsense i read for Months.

even worse then your new breeding event suggestion.


Anything game wide like an event that requires Atlas won’t fly, as primarily only teams in top Sapphire and above have it.

Make these personal Atlas quest’s and you’ve got something to do to waste your own time on

For now, yes. But I’m assuming the day will come when a majority of players will have atlas. I’m fantasizing/wishing/imagining on that future day, how the standard game might be integrated with Atlas. I’m noticing VERY few are on board with this. That’s ok. I imagine the day will come, as well, when this community enthusiastically supports half-thought-through ideas and improves them through constructive suggestions. I’m not alone in this…does seem to be a minority though.

The initial launch of atlas mentioned eventually getting to Platinum league. That was what like 5 or 6 months ago now? Maybe less but still stopping at Platinum means that a majority of teams will not have Atlas and when these teams in low leagues do have Atlas, do you think they’ll have a chance to complete these tasks before a team like Dreadnought?

Pretty sure that’s why they are going to limit it and why it hasn’t expanded lower than upper Sapphire. This is why I suggest these be quest’s, maybe they could even be a new form of team quest, but as far as an event goes, far too complicated in my personal opinion.

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You think there might be something like an Atlas Event? For those in there? More than merely steps to fulfill, but also an integral, multi-dimensional competition??? What form might that take??

Atlas has its own events already.

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These are Q-u-e-s-t-s, not a new E-v-e-n-t :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::tipping_hand_man::tipping_hand_man:

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