New Event Temple Raid

Could we have a shorter Video?


I second this.


Yeah, I was looking for such a thread myself, as I have no chance to watch something that starts while I am at work.

And while it is available to watch now, a brief version (without the gibberish) would be simply gorgeous.


There will be a blog released on Tuesday. Not sure about it in video version, but I will see what we can do.


By “blog” do you mean a forum post? Or will you do a post to the War Dragons facebook page as well as one here?


It will be a blog on, but we will also post it onto the forums and link to it within our social posts.


Sweet :slight_smile:

This event has got to be one of the worst ideas PG has come up with in the last year or two. I have zero interest in flying the mothball fleet again.


Actually, it sounds quite promising. Easily one of the more (if not the) involved events they have come up with, which makes for something potentially more enjoyable then just a grinding event.

However, from what I’ve been hearing, the complexity of the event leaves a lot that can go wrong. Considering PG’s track record for new events, I’m not racing to be the first in line for this one.


What he said :point_up:t2:

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Well tough luck for you, there have been loads and loads of people asking for exactly this every time the old dragon games are mentioned, and I for one am very happy pg listened. Also it looks like they did a decent job in making it interesting but not required for those who don’t want to play this bit of the game.


To be honest I think this event sound promising but how good it is depend on the ability of PG to balance the bases for tiers vs the lineage dragons they’ll be facing.

So it’ll probably suck but not because it’s a bad idea just because PG can’t execute it

Will there be mega coin? If so event is just more of the same


So for those of us too lazy to watch a 2 hour video, give us the brief synopsis…

Yes they said there would be super and mega attacks just like the other wallet events which given the Sorry/board game like method of movement throughout the islands would seem like it is encouraging sandbagging in lower leagues since it’ll be much harder for them to attack your team and pull it back unless they start dropping mega coins

I find the fact that any team member can cause their team to go to the temple even when no one else is on a very big problem. Seems like an officer should have to be the one to give the clearance for the team to go there.

Seems like this event will be punishing teams that have members from all different time zones and rewarding teams who primarily have members from the same timezone and are thus on at the same time. It kind of feels a little bit like this event is designed to break teams up


[Disclaimor] not brief [/Disclaimor] :man_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

If I understood everything said in the live streams correctly it will work like this

THE ISLANDS aka the War Dragons Board Game
In this event teams will have 5 elemental islands that they can attack. A team can choose to focus on 1 island at a time or choose to attack multiple depending on their chosen strategy. As a team, players will race down a path that snakes its way along an island (so unlike Team Gauntlet, in this event you actually go into the island and then it’s like a board game path). To progress, teams will attack other teams using energy and inner fires, earning progression points (not vp). Similar to Fight Pits, when you attack a team it will both push your team forward and put the team you attacked backwards along the path. Teams will be racing to get to check points called Guards. Each island has 4 guards and once your team reaches a guard post they cant be pushed back past that guard. At guard posts you will attack PvE blackbloods similar to a territory in Kingdom Wars and whittle down its HP and gaining VP for the team. After which teams can progress towards the next guard post. After teams have cleared all 4 guard posts their team will be able to go to the temple and fight the temple guardians.

Note: While fighting along an island against other teams and guards, players will be able to get backup from their teammates. While fighting the Temple Guardians, players are on their own. They cant get backup so they have their own dragons and that’s it

The point of the temple is to earn as many team ranking points (VP) for the team as possible. Teams will only have 2 HOURS of real world time in the temple. Once that time is up your team will get kicked out and be done with that run of that island. So it’s important to have as many teammates on at that time and to have ones with your team’s highest tier dragons.

~~~The Temple and Temple Guardians ~~~

Once your team reaches the temple that island is considered cleared so this is like the after race party where everyone is collecting points for the team. Once a island is cleared it can be attacked again but the team will be back down at the start of the island

—In the temple you wont just be using your normal dragons. Instead you’ll be using your old dragons, starting at red tier. The temple Guardians will go from Red to Harbinger and you can only attack them using dragons from that tier. So you cant attack the orange guardian with blue or green dragons, only orange tier dragons and you wont have any backup from teammates. So once YOU reach the max tier you’re on and clear that guardian you’re done with the temple and will need to move on to another island

—The first attack of each temple guardian is free, it wont cost any energy at all. However each time you fail on that guardian the energy cost will go up by 2 energy to a max of 8. Defeating these guardians will provide a large amount of VP. Each team member is attacking their own set of guardians

Using a dragon that matches the element of the island will give you a bonus to the points you get. So if we’re attacking the dark island you’ll get more points for using a dark dragon like Necryx or Anuba or Avyx than you would from using an ice dragon like Nollaig or wind dragon like Aibrean.
Temple Guardians will also have 4 totems on their base matching all the other elements other than the element of that island. So on the fire island all the guardians will have a wind, dark, ice and earth totem on their base to make it harder if you’re not using a fire dragon.

There’s a new feature called the storm. What it does is locks down an island for 3 hours and kicks out anyone currently attacking that island. This means that if a storm comes to the island your team is currently attacking they’ll get booted, losing all progress on that island and need to go attack a different island. Unless your team is fighting the temple guardians. Then you’re safe from the storm for those 2 hours. It takes 30 hours for the storm to get back to an island so the islands that the storm has just left will be the most active with teams attacking on it.

"Post story mode content"

Each time your team clears an island it will clear some clouds from the center island called the "shrine of the elements”. If all 5 islands are cleared you’ll be able to attack it in an uber boss fight version of a temple guardian attack. There will be a set of 5 orange tier bosses and a set of 5 harbinger tier bosses. If you can defeat 5 of one tier then you’ll unlock a unique portrait of one of those elemental bosses. Defeating the orange tier bosses will give the normal boss portriat and defeating the harbinger bosses will give the Uber boss portrait


Oh Im right there in the panic attacks. Im dreading this event. I think they should have waited and tested it some more. Like I said above I see this event as rewarding sandbaggers and punishing teams with players from different time zones. I really dont like that it seems like 1 player going rogue can basically ruin the event for the whole team and waste a lot of people’s hard work

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Especially if that one player doesn’t know that once the temple thing opens (dude IDK, this is one hell of an event), they’ll all only have two hours. Hopefully there’s some sort of warning before attacking that. :t_rex:


It sounds like Hunger Games :joy:

While this event does look like a lot of fun, but it may be intended to force small teams to dissolve. Especially considering PG has finally got autokick to work. Platinum and lower seem to have massive loses, teammate wise, since they got autokick back up.

That being said, I really like the look of this.

I hope it works.:slightly_smiling_face: