New event. The takedown

Why not make a event that shows who is dominant in there level. They can use defending base help only. Everyone is split up into there own groupings. Just a idea

Excuse me, but I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.


I’ll wait for more info, but I suspect my limited supply of repair hammers doesn’t like this idea.
Dropping a couple hundred of them in PvP to stop Pathox/Surt sounds exhausting and expensive.


Like say your level 400 you compete against. Say level 400 to level 410. No teammate can help you defeat another player. But they can help you defend your base. ( optional ). Just throwing a idea out adjust how u see fit.

What about Lv 200 which gets strayed in Gold 5 (or Silver)?


Anyone can tweak the idea to make it better. I was just throwing a idea out. All info and tweaking would be awesome

:thinking: Still need more details… :thinking:


What ever league your in. That’s who u go against. With players your own level. Example your level 200 (200-210)

That’s the main problem. Not every league has high leveled player. Therefore, if one is stranded to lower league, the player is doomed.


I would imagine the opposite would be problematic as well


I would think they would fight other 200’s. If I understand from the limited info this would have nothing to do with leagues.

Edit: So therefore it would be like an individual event, not effecting league or team prizes? OP?

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Death match challenge tournament.

Care to expound? Sounds like a defensive event in itself altogether :woozy_face:

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