New Event to replace Kingdom Wars

As we all know Kingdom Wars has a few problems that has really made the event a top 2 in disliked PVP events…the other being fight pits, which I will get to in the next post.

I am hoping with the support of the players we can first make this event great for everyone, and with enough support that we can get PG to listen to the players and replace KW with the new event.

I know that many of you are thinking that this is just a waist of time, PG won’t listen and does not care…
I ask you to just try, help make the event better or simply show your support…if we get the numbers and PG still does nothing then maybe it is time to stop giving PG our business and move on.

The new event is a remodeling of KW, it is keeping the basic idea of KW while fixing the problems that exist.

So here is the new event idea.

The Tides of War

The long lost islands of the silver sea have resurfaced and the great sea dragon Ryuu has opened a portal to the islands….this is your chance to gain some new lands…but first you will have to get rid of the black bloods while keeping your opponents at bay.

The event starts with a small island in the middle of the map with all 25 teams around the border.
Each team has a dock attached to their starting location (the docks and starting locations can not be attacked).

There are 5 islands around the map, each island has 5 docks that are attached to 3 hexes on the island (the reason for 5 docks is that you have 5 islands making 25 docks in total…the same as the number of teams… giving everyone the chance to start in an area alone)

The docks on the islands can not be destroyed or taken over, they are free spots for anyone who wishes to set foot on the island, these docks are attached to 3 hexes to make it harder to cut teams off from their starting zones.

The five islands have different land values as well as takeover points
Points awarded per hex / amount to takeover hex (points are awarded per hr for hexes owned)
Island 1 – 200 / 6000
Island 2 - 400 / 9000
Island 3 – 600 / 12000
Island 4 – 800 / 15000
Island 5 – 1000 / 18000
By making the land values different it will create a very interesting long term strategy, it will not be who owns the most…but rather what is the value of the lands you own.
This will become a very strategic question, do I have my team go after high valued lands when there is only 5 players on? This could be a very costly mistake when the team wastes an hour and gains nothing, or do you have them go after a lower island and gain 400 points in that hour.
Better yet…do you try and fight it out with 4 teams for the high value land that is almost always taken away in the next hour…or take over 4 lands in a very low contested island with only 1 other team.
The possibilities will be endless.

There will be monuments on each island.
The value and takeover costs are as follows.(this is based on the normal island values)
Value / Minor – 2x, Major – 3 x, Epic – 4x, Mythical – 5x
Takeover / Minor – 1.5x, Major – 1.75x, Epic – 2x, Mythical – 2.5x

Island 1 – 2 Minor & 1 Epic
Island 2 – 2 Minor, 1 Major, 1 Epic
Island 3 – 3 Minor, 2 Major, 1 Epic
Island 4 – 3 Minor, 2 Major, 2 Epic
Island 5 – 3 Major, 2 Epic, 1 Mythical

Treasure chests.
There will be 12 treasure chests located on the islands, the chests are unknown in value…it will simply be a chest on the map.
These chests are for the whole team (they would be mailed to the team members who took over the hex first…once taken they are gone for the rest of the event)
Below is the possible values of the chests…it would of course need to be approved by PG
5 Minor chests (3 bronze chests, 1 silver chest, 10 energy & 10 inner fires)
4 Major chests (5 bronze chests, 2 silver chests, 1 rare glyph, 15 energy & 15 inner fires)
2 Epic chests (2 gold chests, 1 Epic glyph, 20 energy, 20 inner fires & 250 sigils)
1 Mythical chest (4 gold chests, 1 legendary glyph, 40 energy, 40 inner fires & 500 sigils)
These chests will be located on all the islands as a distraction/prize (do you go after the monument…or do you go in the opposite direction and hope the chest is worth it, do you fight it out with the 3 other teams for the monument or take a chance on the chest…what to do…what to do.


I kinda…like it :man_shrugging:

It gives teams the ability to choose which islands to go for, while giving an incentive for teams to go after the more difficult islands

Of course this would all have to be scaled for the different leagues (hex HP as it currently is scaled)

I REALLY enjoy the idea of treasure chests.

I also maybe like the idea of a treasure chest random spawn location (new idea to build onto this). AKA a hex surrounded by a 1 hex territory that has a 3hr reset window (something like no matter who owns it or how recently it was taken it that reverts to blackbloods). That way it can randomly spawn a chest during the event and teams can do short bursts of activity to try and capture the chest. It would also give a way to constantly re-introduce PvE into a map that fills up with PvP very very quickly in some leagues.

And vs Red’s proposal:

  • I like the 5 islands better than 3. 3 gives the morale of auto winning, auto losing, and meh. This way people get more options to be strategic, and i think it lends itself better to strategies (pending scaling, and points divying per island of course)
  • I like 5 islands which have treasure chests. Monuments are alright as an incentive, but if you are not confident that you are going to win, then maybe your team fights other bottom ranked teams for actual in game prizes to supplement your team prizes. Treasure chests is a beautiful idea and will provide motivation to keep going with the event rather than owning a large area and then basically quitting your progress
  • I like my supplemental idea of a small border around some chests (1 per island) reverting to blackbloods to keep a better balance of PvE
  • I like the starting island being smaller, rather than bigger. However it could even possibly have a bit more depth to it like the current island. Or could contain a chest as well along with all blackblood reverting islands if teams wanted to just sit around and vie for that chest. The size it is currently would probably be adequate for this purpose.

It sounds better than kingdom wars, although I won’t completely understand it until I actually play it, but I give it a 5/6.

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Well thought out!

I like the idea and I like the idea of a randomly spawning treasure chest. Sounds like it could be fun and thought provoking.

Missed this one over the holidays, thanks for the link.

I think it sounds like a great idea, will be following to see if PG will consider your well thought out idea.

Seemed like similar ideas (multiple islands, etc.), but of course with significant differences.

Ok…how about this.
The chests on the islands stay the way they are.
We create 3 small islands that every number of hours resurfaces (round with 2 hexes to the middle where the chest would be)
Once the chest is taken the island sinks…to resurface again later with a new chest.

I’ll admit I haven’t read the entire thing, but looking at the map - isn’t this Temple Raid?

Edit: now I’ve read it - looks promising!

I think the nice thing is jockeying for position around the border constantly instead of the top team always being able to access the treasure chest. I think it would be worthless to make it it’s own island, i think it should somewhere on all 5 islands so that only players on that island who are actively participating have the chance at it.

Plus, this way people can still hit the PvE parts even if the treasure isn’t there.

If i could steal your image, not in these exact spots but the maroon could be the location of the spawns, and the white would be the hexes reverted. Including the white in the middle. So people could jockey for the 2-6 spots around the edge of the white zone to wait for the chest to respawn.

Looks like a combination of Kingdom Wars and King of the Hill - where the bigger teams could fight it out for the bigger forts, and smaller teams going for smaller ones. I like it.

I’d be worried there might be a lot of back and forth over tiles close to the docks, particularly on the lower islands. Even with three adjacent hexes you’d have many more teams fighting over those tiles than in Kingdom Wars, and it could become immensely frustrating trying to maintain any connection between land you control on the island and the dock you started from. Or would there be some way of limiting how many docks/islands teams could target - so that teams venturing onto the bigger islands are kept away from the smaller ones?

Would the treasure chest prizes be acquired immediately, or held to the end of the event? Mid-event, the prizes would have to be factored into the gameplay balance, since having an entire team suddenly acquire a load of energy and Inner Fire could seriously skew the whole outcome. That might be what you intended, but a big team in a favourable timezone could mop up all the chests from the smaller islands to gamble on setting themselves up for an assault on the bigger islands - depending on how good those prizes are. Hell, they might decide to do that anyway, even if the prizes were held to the end, if they would work out better than the event rewards.

I’d like to think 1 only, but maybe 2 would even be OK? Or you could undock and go to another island? Or just fight PvE or other other teams who have taken PvE hexes in the starting area

Well i wouldn’t put all the chests out at once (except at the very start where the main chests on the islands would be available for the taking), and certainly wouldn’t be at a certain time. I’m imagining island 3 would get theirs 46 minutes into the event, then at 67 minutes the island 1 chest would appear, then at the 3hr 33min mark islands 5 and 1 would get a chest. AKA fully “random” or “unexpected” which would change each time they run the event.

Though you got to wonder how truly random they can make it. Chest contents aren’t random. And apparently neither is altas gear crafting (though we have yet to crack the pattern for that one…)

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I like the game design and you thought it out well. I’d suggest PG implement it as originally proposed. Really like the idea of the treasure chests whereas the players don’t know what level the chest is until they open it.

@Arelyna @PGCrisis

Can this idea be pushed to the developers and engineers for evaluation. If applicable engage the gpf. Adds bit of suspense to the gameplay with the unknowns enhancing its attractiveness if this or something very similar in nature could be implemented.:grin:


Really like the idea presented, and the thoughts others have posted. Kingdom Wars is rather boring. I would love to see this idea take it’s place. The random treasure chests would be fun!


I really like this idea. I think it has a lot of good potential and I hope to see it soon.

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