New Event Types

Predictable is useful, but predictable is boring. Poor PG is trying to keep everyone happy byt tweaking and re-tweaking the event cadence…but what if instead of complaining, we simply suggested some new ideas for events.

All suggestions should uses this format:

Event Name
Major or Minor
Brief Description
Why it would be a good addition

-Capture the Flag
-One player in each league starts with the flag, the first player to beat his/her base gets the flag, and whichever team is able to collectively hold the flag longest wins.
-Affords every player an opportunity to be the hero and steal the flag or defend the flag.)

Strategic Strike

Objective: Only destroy the predetermined tower types or Specific Identified Towers.

Successful hits nets you points.

Destroying any other towers deducts points from your points for that run.

Bonus: Each base has a spy that can be revealed by cloaking, this target gives bonus points.

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