New events, pvp related

Atlas Updates will be posted in this Sub-Category! I think a new pvp event should be added, or a new event altogether. Pvp has been the same all throughout the game, but I have discussed with my friend on war dragons about possible changes! Our idea was to suggest a way for two dragons to fly at the same time, yours and a teammate’s dragon, at the same time. Maybe a parallel path. This would allow a lot of destruction and possibly more prizes. As said before, this can be an event. Maybe an addon to fort or breeding, since those events last minutes to hours :joy: Any ideas? I think the team has more than enough skill to make something like this

Are you sure about this statement :face_with_monocle:

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It’s called a wave, even more with this topic being under Atlas category.

If it’s 2 players dragon flying at the same battle, it’s totally changing the game mechanic, which is not doable without making a risky major change.


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