New evolution for divine dragons

It’s hard to balance a divine dragon to please both low levels and high levels. The current format of evolution stones are not good enough: it creates either meh dragons that high levels don’t care or OP dragons that break games for low levels.

It’s time to evolve spells on the dragons! Dragons change spells once or twice as they evolve from tier to tier.
Example 1: dragon A has lock down at orange tier; however, this spell is replaced by desiccating sand when dragon A is evolved to Sapphire tier.
Example 2: dragon B has cloak at orange tier; however, this spell is replaced by a timeshift at Sapphire tier.

This spell evolution will make dragons useful for both low levels and high levels.


This just makes them terrible at low level…

And timeshift wont be returning… ever.

My only major worry with this is it would require dragon designers to know what spells are good and at which levels. Something that doesn’t seem to be the case. Like I’d be worried about cloak evolving into dissipate, generally considered a worse spell


This was actually planned by PG at the time they made Necroth, evolving spells were even previewed and in the patch notes but PG never rolled it out.
Just like the quest overhaul…

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