New exotic rune - intention or bugs?

after claiming and using new cool exotic Fire Flak rune from limited branch came my surprise 1) I found out that branch has less dust than needed for maxing of this rune lol thx.
2) surprise was the impact. I checked numbers and was surprised that impact on HP of my FF is so low. Forgot to make print screen before I equipped and lvl this rune. So I discussed with teammates and compared stats of my 80lvl FF. While I had much better runes difference in HP was not as expected.
When I got together enough dust for last lvl (took me a while to salvage few hundreds of shitty runes) I could see that 1% of additional HP increased my HP from 73,7M to 74M. Which is definitely not 1%. Than I checked dragon manager website and found out that 80lvl tower has almost exactly 30M HP. So I suppose that it calculates just from basic stats of tower. My rider and gear is not considered. So when my rider adds me 100% you didn’t gave me additional 10% of HP but only 5%. Pls. could someone double check that? Before I accuse PG from bugs or mistakes or false advertising :joy:. Maybe it’s my mistake…

You get 10%. Period. If gear and Rider gives100%, you get 110% in total. and not 120% as you expected. It’s simple, additive math. All % stuff is based on base value. If you add 30% hp from boost, it’s 30% of base value, not 30% of rider, gear and all.its additive. Same if you I.e. swapped some rider gear, what would gives you 10% more. It’s not 10% of what you see, it’s 10% of base value.

Where did they advertise it’d be enough dust to level the exotic rune in the line?

This is not how it works, not at all. It’s 1% of the base HP. BaseHP x (sum of bonuses).

What’s your gear like? Gear has the biggest influence over hp and attack.

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Nope it’s about that little details. Like that runes only work on base HP. But when I have rider with 114% HP bonus, than real impact on my base is only 1/2 of it… when you see 10% you expect 10% :joy: anyway understand now, but it’s confusing.

You can delete it…