New feature idea

Ok what if you could trade items or gift items with teammates…,like timers…heal potions etc…call it RNG of chest drops,gameplay style etc…but I always have a lot of 30% health and attack boost for my dragons and a lot of heal potions…but another member of my team is always low on them but has around 900-1000 3-hour and below timers and I always run low on tie,R.D. quickly during fort event…what if you could trade like 100 heal potions for how ever many timers they wanted to trade…and you would both benefit by getting something your low on…and if it was just a gifting system…you could communicate to gift each other what you wanted…like a mural agreeement

It will never happen!

Way to many bad things to come with this.

Heal potions have been talked about lately but as far as the other things yeah I don’t see that ever happening

@UnseatedDonkey we have another topic to add to your list.


In ftw before the close! :woman_facepalming:

1.i haven’t even played the game a year 2.i hardly get on this cancer known as the forums anyway or atleast most forums are cancer so cool it!!! Now get off my case!!!

@moderators close this thread pls

Welcome to the forums! Please remember to make use of the search function (top right) to see if your idea has been brought up before. There is currently an open thread on this here: Why can’t we transfer healing potions to teammates?