New feature not announced? or bug?

Why was this not announced that you couldnt just open 1 and it opens pretty much all if you got a odd number? Many that want to open 1 at a time might end up being screwed up on @PGGalileo is this a new feature? Like im confused
@RamenWithSoup and @PGEggToken any info why?

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I’m not sure about this. Submit a ticket if this hasn’t happened before!


it has not and many also got hit to with it also theres a error in season prize on another one i made

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Had this for a short time too. Is gone now and i can only open 1 Or 10 again

Personally I would love an open all option, not exactly the same but it would save so much time when you sit there opening 500+ bronze chests.


An actual open all option would be awesome. I should probably have 8k-10k bronze at the start of Fall… Im not looking forward to that at all. Just doing 3k makes me want to bash my head through a wall.

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This was a good feature why did they take it off ?

Too risky for them to mess things up, i guess.

Anyone believe there should be open all buttonk

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