New feature request: Attack log



This is a request for having attack logs to be recorded and displayed along with defense log.
This need not have a replay which may overload WD servers ( though it might get recorded for the player raided on) , but to just show information of which player I have attacked.
Reason for request: I raided a base today and found that the player had a cannon and lumber mill stacked in same location. I am unsure whether it was game bug or a hack, but having the log helps me identify and report such players easily.
Inputs please @PGJared



That seems like a very rare occurrence to put something new into the game. More likely need is “I just hit somebody for 300K food and would like to do so again without needing to bookmark them”. :joy:


If i really found someone like that, i would bookmark first! And do you really think
bullies started with such feature? :man_shrugging:


I agree with u luffy i too always wanted an attack log mainly not for farming as bear describes but for checking the thing u mentioned and also if there is any trouble as to by chance who started the farming n stuff similar to that


Although an attack log could be bit unwieldy, considering some players do over a hundred attacks per day, it would be handy in cases where a player claims one of my players has raided them twenty times in a row. With a screenshot of an attack log, I could go back to check the veracity of their claims, and be able to much more easily get to the bottom of the situation.


I think an attack log would be nice to have, so I can be sure that I’m not starting a revenge war.

I do so many raids it’s not easy to keep up with whom I’ve attacked vs who attacked me, so when I revenge it often starts something because I already initiated it with my first raid but I can’t remember every base I’ve hit…

Give us an attack log please


Now there is a good reason lol


I don’t bookmark for RSS. That behavior usually ends in trouble in my experience. There is enough out there to just keep looking.


Next time you see that just book mark them once the attack is done. not that i am opposed to the idea but this would be a solutions for the purpose of your request. unless you have all your bookmarked used i suppose…


Ага, давайте они введут такой журнал , и у нас , осоьенно у тех кто играет на слабых устройствах игра начнет лагать еше больше))) так как будет больше информации приходить от игры…ну слетали на вас 20 раз подряд, и что? У вас 24/7 есть время мстить таким?)))
Я к примеру с 0 до максимума своей еды и лерева довожу за 15-20 минут, а вы ноете о каких то набегах…это лишняя трата моего трафика


I’ve been wanting this for ages simply for the purpose of checking revenges and whether you started it or they did. Sometimes people hit me a couple of times but I don’t revenge because I think, I might have started this in the first place and they’re actually revenging me.


Just revenge every attack 10 times over… just to be safe. lol


I keep my book marks full with XP farms and farmers, my reason for wanting an attack log is to make sure I don’t revenge and start a revenge farm war with someone. So your point of revenge 10x is completely contradictory to the reason for wanting the feature

Edit:I was still half asleep, I didn’t really understand what I wrote either when I woke up


Sorry I don’t understand your reply


Same as @MikesGoN2GetU just above :sweat_smile:


They can’t even show the last ten attackers of your base:


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