New Feature: Team Quests


Who will help your team to the top?
Are you and your team great at working together to get through an event? Does your team need some more incentive to participate in the event? If you answered yes to either question, Team Quests are just the new feature for you!

How do Team Quests work?
Team Quests are added prize tiers that teams can claim during the event based on player achievements within the team. Every team has the opportunity to hit achievement levels, but these levels are only possible if more players participate.

An example tier would be “1000 points : 5 Team Members” Once a team has 5 team members each scoring 1000 points, every player on that team will be able to access that prize.

Additionally, team leaders and officers are able to send event specific participation reminders to their teammates similar to war reminders. Only one can be sent to teammates every 24 hours.

How can I access Team Quests?
Teams will have access to a new tab within the “Prizes and Ranks” tab labeled “Team Quests.” In this tab, players can claim prizes as they would individual event prizes, but the prizes here are based on team event participation.

When will this feature be available?
Teams will get to experience this new feature very soon! We are currently aiming for the next 1-2 weeks and will provide further updates via this thread.


Q: Will these be available to teams in all leagues?
A: Team Quests will be available to every team in the game.

Q: Are these going to be available in events moving forward?
A: The current plan is to launch team quests in every event going forward.

Q: Are quests only related to team members and the number of points scored per event?
A: Team Quests will currently launch with prizes that require team contribution in events in the form of scoring points in the event. Other ways of earning team rewards outside of just event participation are being considered for future development.

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I’ve seen this implemented in other games before, but why not have a base minimum before team quest prizes can be claimed by an individual? That’ll further promote participation. Also, will this impact prize tiering in team/personal prizes (as in, will those be decreased or seasonal costs increased)?

Neat idea overall :smiley:


I like this idea overall, but agree with forscience that there should be some minimum point level individuals need to reach before being able to claim quest prizes. It’ll help encourage those that don’t participate that much to participate more, rather than just coast along to collect event prizes without much participation in the event.


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I like this plan, team play is essential and give more reasons for players to participate. I would like to see the tier structure of rewards i.e. how many players require how many points at each level. Presumably you would want all 50 team members reaching a certain tier for the last prize. Also, what will happen if team members leave during event @Arelyna?


Team quests are good but should have minimal requirement so the slackers can’t get anything for free with the efforts of other members


I don’t think there should be a minimum requirement to claim, or at the very most a score > 0 should suffice. If you don’t want free loaders on your team, take them off.


Lol. We don’t have any that are really freeloaders. But it’s better to have a minimum so the ones who do the minimum can push a bit further


I think the minimal requirements to claim those prizes should be at first getting as many points as required to unlock the prizes or a set ratio of this requirement (50%, 75%… In the case the required point is 1000, you should have scored 500/750 points yourself to claim). The higher the requirements, the lower the ratio should be, without abusing of course… This is to allow lower level to be able to claim the reward from Top ranker in their team easier but also motivate the lower levels to score more too…


I nominate your idea. It’s an excellent way to encourage members to actively participate in events. Also boost up team morale too when everyone is doing well together.


No need to have minimum requirement to collect prizes since you likely won’t need significant team participation in the beginning of the team quests anyway. For example, if the first team prize is 5 players with a score of 1000 points, why would you penalize 45 players on your team if the first 5 to log in for that event achieve that point level before anyone else had a chance? If the second tier was 10 players with 20k points, why would you penalize your players who don’t have enough energy yet to keep going, inner fires, etc and don’t want to spend money right away? Hopefully you wouldn’t otherwise you are a monster lol

No, most likely, team participation is going to need to increase as the team quests begin to stack up. As you move up the achievement ladder, more and more players on your team are likely going to need to participate in order for the team as whole to collect that reward. At some point, you may find your team stuck because some players aren’t participating. You will then need to figure out a why to light a fire under their rear ends or replace them.

But no reason to penalize them in the beginning just because they may not have had a chance to log in right away, don’t yet have the resources to keep going, etc etc


Wait, you think only those five first players would be the only ones to claim that prize? Not at all what I understand by team quests and rewards. This is not a race, those are not first come first served prizes. The prizes are unlocked once 5 players fulfill the requirements, but any player would be able to claim the reward as soon as they equal (or approach if a certain ratio of the point is achieved) the requirements.

Examples :

  • 1st team prize 500 pts (you need to score 100% of the points to claim)
  • 2nd team prize 1000 pts (you need to score 95% of the points to claim)
  • 3rd prize :arrow_right:️1500 pts :arrow_right:️90%
  • 4th prize :arrow_right:️2000 pts :arrow_right:️85%
  • And so on.

This should not become something you can exploit so it should have a limit to the minimum ratio (25% or 50% of the points to claim). Besides claiming team prizes would become an incentive to score more, rather than a drawback for those who can’t score enough to claim those prizes.

Anyway this is just an idea to prevent those who do nothing in event to reap rewards earned by their teammates, this is not meant to make it more difficult for hardworking players to claim team rewards. Maybe make the team activity play in the balance?


Awesome suggestion @Kardul, I second this. It would encourage players to aim for higher prizes without penalizing them from being unable to keepup with bugger players/spenders.


You misread what I wrote. I was pointing out the fact that only a few teammates are going to need to be present to unlock the first few tiers of the team quests. Not everyone needs to or even will be able to participate in the first few tiers so why penalize them as others have been suggesting.

And no, it doesn’t make sense that everyone else needs to work toward achieving those first requirements as well in order to claim them as you suggested.


I’d be ok with it being a requirement to have a score greater than 0 in order to claim quest rewards.

I don’t agree with having a threshold for all, or any, of the team quest rewards. That’s why there are individual event rewards. Although, if the quest rewards are properly matched to the individual prize tiers, and the only way a player can claim say the 15th team quest reward is if they have met the equilivant, 15th tier, of individual rewards, that i can get behind and support.

That idea would push the team as a whole to push as individuals, while rewarding them both as individuals and as a team.



If someone has a zero event score without cause boot his ass. No need for PG to get involved (by having this new feature apply or not)

The idea of needing a minimum event score for An individual to qualify for this new prize system is silly. Don’t give PG a reason to not give out more prizes.


@CaptBuckRogers I’m sorry, I really fail to see how this penalize any of the other teammates who should strive to score as high as possible (in general, let’s not go in exception details). This is an incentive to go further.

When I see a threshold somewhere, my ambition is to get to pass this threshold and go forward. Would you stop before the finishing line because you won’t have a medal? Would you think your actions are worthless because many have walked the same path before you? You see a penality, I see a challenge.

@Jonesy thank you, I was also thinking of team rewards being related to individual prizes, so you need to reach your own individual tier to claim team quests rewards.

@CaptBuckRogers if it eases your mind, I doubt my system will be implemented, especially for low tier. I just feared this would turn into a scenario like “I don’t need to score XXXX pts in event, someone else will do it for me and I’ll get the rewards anyway… Why should I bother?”

@MikesGoN2GetU I agree… I just wanted a way to motivate more teammates to score and work together for better prizes. If there’s a way to take more from PG, I’m in… As long as it does not affect our personal/end of event prizes by decreasing them. :rage:


Again, you are missing my point. I DONT believe it will penalize teammates. All my posts above are in favor of this addition and my comments are contrary to those who believe the addition will penalize teammates.


Sorry @CaptBuckRogers :upside_down_face: I really didn’t understand what you have been saying then :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Not a bad idea, but are you going to make the prizes worth getting? Past experience has taught me PG are not even remotely generous.