New Feature: Team Quests


If the personal prizes are staying the same, the team prizes will, by definition, be generous, as many teams do the requirements as is, they’re just encouraging the middle and lower performers to do well by using peer pressure.

Also to reiterate what has been said already, I think it’s a really good idea to have a persons score be above zero before they can claim team prizes, but that’s as far as it should go. Else, it causes problems (both for pg and the players) on getting the minimum requirement for each prize right, and it essentially creates a second personal prize category, versus a team prize category.

As mike said:

In summary, event score > 0 is good! Making sigils and prizes harder to get for your teammates? Bad.


hahaha, I can’t wait to see the response if: Buy a value pack is a team quest :joy::joy::joy:


More likely to be buy a noctua and level 60 towers and help out the " hard working development team "


I think you’ll find quite a number of people would gladly pay for a Noctua rather than pay for Gold chests etc to get tokens to breed all the dragons up to Obsidian to then get a Noc at some point in the distant future…#gimmenocnow :joy:




Я не видел ответа , из за моего гугл переводчика, скажите мне пажалуйста, я так понимаю что бы получить максимум нужно что бы каждый участник сделал свой максимум, а что если он не может в связи со своим уровнем или нехваткой материалов? Как быть в этом случае? Могут ли участники помочь игроку для достижения цели?
Встает сразу другой вопрос , будут ли вволиться такие понятия как рынок или какая нибудь передача важных ресурсов через гильдию, помимо того что можно пепедавать сейчас ?


We will have to wait and see for most of that about the max I’m guessing. I doubt that they will have transfers and such be a part of it. More likely it will be based on points earned in the event and how many teammates earn those points. This is all just speculation though at this point on my part.


Thats a real good idea ,why. Does the number 50 in a team gets the same teamrewards as the top 15 of a team …


It’s supposed to be a team reward, not a top 15 of the team reward. If you don’t like the performance of the players then replace them. Somebody will always be last no matter what the scores are.


100% agree


The entire team gets the points. The prizes are unlocked for the entire team to claim when the condition is met.


Ok, thank you


I agree with a minimum requirement of >0 event points before being able to claim team prizes. If you haven’t participated in the event at all then you should not be able to claim any prizes from that event, team or personal. (Well obviously not personal prizes, Gawsh that sounded dumb after I read it back) :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


If you don’t attack in war, you still get the extra tokens if your team wins (or fewer tokens if they lose). I don’t see why you should not be able to get the prizes your team earned for the team challenge… If a team wants to carry dead weight, that’s their business.


the link to information in the online newsletter ( about team quests does not work.


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Oh ok thanks :grin:


Hey folks,

Unfortunately Team Quests will not be debuting in this week’s Breeding event. The team has found some issues within its recent test cases for this new feature, so to help ensure that this week’s Breeding event goes smoothly, we’ll be postponing the release of Team Quests since it’s not yet ready. Our apologies again for the delay of this feature.

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Team Quests question
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Note to PG on continued poor service
Ochre - Evolve this new Warrior with upcoming Team Achievements!

Well your events rarely go off without a hitch, maybe release it anyways so you can find ALL the bugs at once? :joy: